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Hello, my name is Kaytee Lorentzen, owner and photographer. Growing up I always knew I was going to be a photographer. My mom still has photos of me with my first toy camera and even moving up to a disposable camera before learning all about manual film and digital in high school. The world was my playground and photography was my outlet.

The things I am most passionate about in life are creativity, health, relationships & love, and traveling.

People often refer to me as “positive polly.” I believe that choosing to be happy is the way to go about life. I am not saying that I am perfect and don’t have moments where I want to complain or get upset; I am human. I just like to go by the quote “You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be.”

I am mostly known for my perseverance and determination. I don’t like to take no for an answer and work until I get the job done. I keep at things, even when they get super hard or discouraging.

Most days you can find me eating all. the. food. One of my favorite things to do is eat and it’s the most exciting parts of my days. I love to try new food and

When I am not busy taking photographs you can find me curled up watching the Food Network or Game of Thrones, working out and taking care of my health, taking free classes, doing household chores (I mean we all have to do them), working at an orthopedic office with some of the most amazing coworkers, exploring new places, or playing with my Australian Shepard puppy.

I love seeing the world by photographs. It sounds silly coming from a photographer, but that is how I see the world. If my camera isn’t in my hand, I take snapshots in my head as if I was actually capturing them.

Currently, I am working on reading more hard copy books, taking as many free classes as possible (online and in person), coming up with more travel plans, and building up my confidence because I am a total introvert.

My dream job is to be able to travel, take pictures and write stories. I am wanting to be challenged everyday to be able to create the best stories possible. Wherever I go or end up, I want to constantly be learning and growing. 


I decided to start a photography business because...

... I wanted to make sure that every client has the most memorable and magical session that they are able to hold onto forever. As someone who is normally reserved around strangers, I know exactly how hard it is to open up and be myself in front of a camera. Because of this, I am determined to make sure that my clients never have to worry about this "stage fright." Because of this, when my clients are ordering their products after the session, they are more than pleased with their session.

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