The top 5 misconceptions about photographers

I belong to many Facebook groups that are for photographers and I see a lot of stories come from them. A lot of them include stories of what their clients ask them and how to respond, their frustrations, praises and so forth. I noticed a lot of these just happen to be from misconceptions clients have of photographers. I am here today to let you in on some insight with the top 5 misconceptions people have about photographers.

1. Photoshop is a miracle worker.

This one can be tough. Do photographers use an editing software (aka “Photoshop”) to enhance/fix/etc.? Yes. Does it “fix” everything? NO!! Unless I tell the client, I can fix that in editing, I really don’t try to fix anything. I will make sure the lighting, coloring and composition is correct, and that there aren’t people in the background photo bombing, but other than that, I try not to use it. So when a photographer presents something to you and you comment that you wanted it photoshopped, just know that Photoshop doesn’t fix everything.

2. Photographers are expensive

I can see where you would think this. You are only seeing a very small portion of the session, where I take the photos. You are also paying for me to go through and edit each and every photo as well as creating any products for you, plan your session and taking time to do so, and prepping them for you to see. For one 30 minute session, that could include HOURS on the back end. You are paying for the time that I spend on it. You are also paying for the photos themself. The session is for the service and the photos are a product that is sold separately.

3. You can only get good photos if their camera is top notch.

Hate to break it to you, but it’s not the camera that makes the photo. It’s the photographer and what they do with what they have. I can tell you that because I see people all the time use so many different cameras with different lenses and maybe even going to film and they still are amazing. You need to look at everyone’s work to really see the differences. Sure, there are lenses and cameras that may make something look sharper, and have the camera shutter click faster, but it’s the photographer that really makes the photo.

4. I own the right to the photos once the photographer gives them to me.

Not exactly. When you are buying the digital products you are purchasing a License for Personal Use. The photographer still owns the copyright. There is a BIG difference. Clients can use them for personal use ONLY! It means that there can not be alteration (cropping, filtering, editing) to the photograph that was given and cannot be used to be sold. It also still gives the right for photographers to use the photos as they please (i.e. social media, marketing, portfolio, printing). Make sure you know what is happening when you sign a contract.

5. I am just another dollar sign to my photographer; they don’t ACTUALLY care about me.

This I can say from experience is TOTALLY false. I try to keep in touch with all of my clients. I love to show off photos of them, not just because it’s my work, but because I want to show THEM off. I want them to know that I really enjoyed spending time with them. I still remember people’s birthdays and give a shout out on social media when I can. I love to make them smile, by sending them a holiday gift from their session photos. I even add them to my personal holiday card list because I want to be a part of their lives and let them into mine.

5 misconceptions debunked. I would love to hear your feedback and hear what you learned about these misconceptions. Is there any more you want to hear about? Comment below what you believe about photographers and I will do an update on the blog later on!

Oxford Yvon Grenzow - My Nephew

Who loves some baby pictures?! I know I do! I wanted to take a second to show off my nephew. Now I normally don’t offer newborn photos, but it’s my nephew. I had to.

Oxford Yvon Grenzow was born very early in the morning on Friday, January 11th, 2019. He entered this world at 9 pounds and 1 ounce at 21 and a quarter inches. The first noticeable thing we learned was that he had a LOT of hair.

Once I came to see him about a week later for his photos, I noticed he had SO much personality already. He was trying to lift his head and roll over AT ONE WEEK OLD. He has the cutest dimples and has so many faces to show off.

So without further ado, here is my wonderful nephew, Oxford.

Cute Valentine's Day ideas that won't break the bank

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Cue the stores being filled with chocolate in heart shape boxes, teddy bears with red bows and buckets and buckets of red roses. You know what I see with all of those things? Dollar signs. It seems like anytime there is a holiday associated with gifts, the prices just are right up there with the luxury items of life.

I am hoping to help you out this year. I have a few Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t break the bank or your budget.

Get a little creative

Make something. Draw it, write it, sing it, dance it. Use your creative talents to make a gift for your loved one. I honestly like these a lot more, plus you can add your personal twist to it. Some examples I have done include a picture frame with the matte border saying all the reasons why I love him and our picture in the middle, a box of letters to tell him when to open it, a coupon book filled with date ideas and nice things for each other (i.e. back rubs, doing laundry for them, bringing home dinner, etc.).

Dine in

Dinner really doesn’t have to be that fancy. I honestly just love when my boyfriend makes me food and it’s typically more top notch than some restaurants. You don’t need to be a chef to do this. You can even order one of those home delivery cooking boxes and do it together. Some other ideas is each of you make two things you absolutely love and share it with one another. You can even try to do what I do and just make something based off of what is on sale at the store that week.

Netflix and chill

This may sound crazy, but sometimes couples don’t really have time for each other everyday. We all have side projects we are working on, actual work that keeps us busy, chores around the house, friends to hang out with, children to take care of and the list goes on and on. Sometimes just something as simple as watching a movie or a tv show together can be a nice change. Just grab a popcorn and relax.

Play a game together

Whether it’s a deck of cards, a board game, or an interactive game, doing something together can be so much fun and can bring a lot of laughter. If you want to get more intimate, play 20 questions. When was the last time you did that? Whether you’re a new couple or have been together for as long as you can remember, you can ALWAYS continue to learn about someone. It can be fun and silly questions like “Do you believe that pineapples belong on pizza?” to the more serious and thought provoking questions like “When was the first moment you knew that you loved me?”

Share things you love with your love

I love taking photographs, trying and making new food, dancing, and traveling. I could take my boyfriend to a photography, cooking or dancing class, plan a trip with him, or even try a new place in town together. If I didn’t want to pay the money to take these classes I could watch some tutorials on YouTube. Maybe I could even teach him how to take photographs. This can be for both parties. Find something you love to do and share it with your significant other.

Write letters

This one is probably my favorite. Have you ever had some perfect speech written out in your head and as soon as you need to say it all of that content goes away and your mind is blank? Writing your thoughts down is the perfect way to say everything you want to say. So try it in a letter format and share it with them. Tell them how much you love them, what you love about them, compliment them, and share yourself with them. Even though it’s simple, it’s thoughtful.

Be present

Today’s world has been overtaken with technology and addiction to it is on the rise. I can’t tell you how many times I go somewhere and see a couple together not talking to each other but just scrolling on their phones. It’s really sad to me. So this one is to just put your phone away and BE PRESENT. Talk to the human being you are with. They are in person and not behind a screen. Have a conversation. I have actually started to make that more of a rule when my boyfriend and I are out. The only time we will bring our phones even out is to show each other something that we saw or to look something up if we need to find an answer to something real fast. Try this. You will be surprised what you can talk about.

Sure, maybe I didn’t exactly do all cute ones, but they are ideas that are unique. They aren’t the typical date ideas and they sure aren’t expensive. If you even take away one of these ideas I would be thrilled. Tell me below in the comments which one is your favorite and if you plan on trying any? Which ones? Feel free to even tell me ones that you have thought of. I am always looking for ideas for myself.

Why I decided to start my own photography business

Time to get personal with you all. I share a little story with you in my about me section of my page, but I don’t really go into full detail. So sit back, and grab some popcorn for this little feature I like to call “Why I decided to start my own photography business.”

Back in 2010, I was starting my senior year of high school. I was in my third year of photography which was the independent study group. Photography is a very popular class at my high school and I can honestly say the teacher, Mrs. Fowler, had a lot to do with it. She was in all sorts of ways amazing and inspiring.

Mrs. Fowler asked me what I wanted to do with my life? She was very much a friend and a mentor at this point to me and I had no problems opening up to her. I told her photography was what I wanted to do with my life. I really didn’t see myself doing anything else. I had mentioned that I had shadowed studio photographers and I wasn’t so thrilled with doing that.

J. Fowl (Mrs. Fowler’s nickname we gave her) asked me if I knew anything about photojournalism. What in the world was that, I thought. She opened up a new window on her computer and showed me a video of someone giving a talk on being a photojournalist. How he traveled the world and took photos of the good, the bad and the ugly. How it was more of storytelling than portraits, even though that is what he took a lot of. Instantly, I was hooked. I wanted to travel the world, see all the places and all the people and photograph them.

I graduated high school in the spring of 2011 and was ready to set out on my own. I was turning 19 and had the world at my finger tips. Most of my graduating class would go on to study at Indiana University. It was the party school. It’s where dreams came true. I was no different in wanting to go there. However, I got wait listed. I wasn’t the most attentive in high school and didn’t really focus on my grades as much as I did trying to have a social life. I should have seen it coming, but was shocked when I saw the letter saying “wait list.” My cousin had a condo that he rented out in Bloomington so my two best friends and I decided to go to Ivy Tech Community College and move down to B-Town.

I wasn’t super excited that I was going to a community college. I honestly thought it was below me. I got into every other college I applied to and turned them all down because I was so hooked on the thought of being in Bloomington, home of the IU Hoosiers and party central. (It makes me feel real dumb looking back on it). I will say though it was probably one of the smartest decisions I could have made though. I didn’t have to live in the dorms and I paid all my bills when I lived on my own. I ate rather healthy and held a part time job serving at Outback Steakhouse. So I saved a TON of money as well as saving money on books and tuition because I was going to have to take those classes any place I went. I was just able to do it cheaper. I can say that now, because some of my friends from my graduating class from college have almost $10,000 to $20,000 more in student loans than I do. And that is for someone who took the exact same amount of credit hours, but just transferred my sophomore year.

After about three quarters of the way through my time in Bloomington, I decided that IU really wasn’t for me. Sure I made a ton of friends (even my boyfriend that I have today) but IU didn’t even offer the program I wanted. I really only wanted to go there for the sake of saying I went to IU. I know, that was dumb. I applied to two places that I wanted to go: Corcoran School of Art and Design and Ball State University. I was torn between the two because Corcoran was out of state (Washington D.C. to be exact) and Ball State was in state but had the photojournalism program I wanted to pursue. Corcoran was an art school. It would mean I had to take all art classes. I honestly had no idea which avenue of photography I wanted to take advantage of. That spring break, we took a trip to D.C. to take a tour of the school and it would help me make a decision. After long thoughts and considerations, I realized I could not afford art school. So Ball State I went.

Since I took 98% of my prerequisites for general education classes, I was pretty much able to jump right into the photojournalism program. It was journalism with a focus on photography so I took all the classes that involved journalism from writing to audio to media law and also photography. It was an awesome experience. I stayed super involved in Greek life and other various groups and held a part-time job still with Outback Steakhouse, but in Muncie. I honestly thought I was doing all the right steps to get me a job right out of college: I was involved in multiple organizations, I was a part of student media (and even held a position), I worked a job while in school, I graduated Cum Laude and I even had an internship during my time at Ball State. Crickets is all I heard after I applied to hundreds of places. I got one interview. That was with the paper I interned at and I am pretty sure it was only because they knew who I was.

I was at a fork in the road. I felt like a failure. Did I really just go to school for no reason? Did I just spend all of that money and go into debt to be told that I wasn’t good enough? I even tacked on two courses AFTER I graduated to try to help me. One being an immersive learning class and the second an internship with another paper in Bedford, IN. Since I couldn’t find a job, it was easier to go ahead and move in with my current boyfriend in Bloomington, IN. I came back because even though the university wasn’t for me, I still really loved the town. I needed to find a job and fast because bills don’t just stop when life is rough. I went back to my old stomping grounds for weekend work while I was at my internship in the Bloomington Outback Steakhouse and quickly realized I was in deep trouble as it was their dead season (students are all gone). I transferred to the one in Greenwood until I could get a full time job.

I found a job working at the local vocational school as a daycare teacher. Nowhere near what I had went to school for, but it paid something and they wanted to hire me so I didn’t really care. I needed the money. Soon after, I missed taking photos. It was a part of my life. I did it for so long and I wasn’t going to give it up just because of the bumps in the road. I knew I could take the photos but I knew NO ONE in Bloomington. All my friends had already graduated and moved on and all I knew where my co-workers and the people I was living with.

I took the leap of faith anyway. I had the “if you build it, they will come” mentality. So in October 2015, I opened the “doors” to Kaytee Lorentzen Photography. I got my LLC and became official.

I have had so many trials and errors and successes throughout these 3 years. I am constantly growing and learning. I have been blending my interest of portraits with my love of lifestyle photographs (which is very similar to photojournalism). I have continuously asked myself if all of it was worth it. And every single time I come back to yes.

Thank you for reading along my journey. I can’t wait to keep writing it and I hope that you get a part of that story as well.

The do's and do not's of posting your session photos on social media

This is a topic that I feel needs to be addressed. Not so much as it’s something I see people doing wrong, but more of people have no idea. It’s not something that typically is brought up until someone gets upset that someone did do something wrong. So I am here to help you understand which is a “do” and which is a “don’t” when it comes to social media and posting your session photos to them.


  • Give your photographer a shoutout. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing you post your photos from your session all over social media! That means the WORLD to a photographer. So give them a little shoutout while you’re at it. Just tag them in the caption or even tag them in the photo. It also helps other people see who did these amazing photographs that you love so much.

  • Share them!!!! Don’t keep them to yourself! Share them everywhere. It tells us you like them. You love the photos. So what if there is a watermark on there? Post it.

  • Tell us how you feel about it when you post your photos. But let’s try to keep it positive.

  • Share them when writing reviews. This helps us so much!


  • Crop or edit the photos. We put our heart and soul into making those photographs perfect for you, please don’t slap a filter on it or crop it. It’s really disheartening to the photographer and it says that you don’t like what they did for you.

  • Forget to tell anyone who did your photos. If people ask, let them know. I’ve seen where people won’t respond to comments of people asking who did them. It tells us that you don’t want other people to use us.

  • Do anything your contract with you and your photographer says not to do. Most photographers will have you sign a contract when doing photography services. In those contracts, there can be something about social media. If you break that contract by doing something specifically listed in there, you could be liable. That is a legal binding document and will stand up in court. I hope it would never go to that extreme, but just be courteous and read that part of your contract before posting anywhere.

Feel free to let me know if there is anything I didn’t address that you would like clarified. I will update this list for you as well. Comment below some things you want to know!!