Session Special!

Hello everyone! Today's blog post is going to tell you all about something that is coming up with Kaytee Lorentzen Photography. I am excited to share it with all of you. But first a little other news. 

I wanted to share that I am now doing some wonderful work with not only my website, but also my business. I am going to be regularly blogging all different types of posts including ones to educate & empower current and potential clients, little specials (like the one that you are about to hear about), news, photo session sneak peeks and the session itself, and just all around what I am up to. Also, a newsletter will be starting up that will be sent out bi-weekly to keep everyone up on some information I send out. Not only that, but anyone who books a session will be added to a subscription list to get all the preparation information before the actual session. Exciting times for me as I start lifting off this business. 

Now, for the reason this blog is happening. Mother's Day is just around the corner. Before you know it, it will be here and you will have no idea what to get your own mother, or maybe even your spouse from your children. It may seem like it's the same old type of gifts you have been giving and you want to change that up. I may be able to help you come up with a new idea. 

Starting today, I am offering until the week before Mother's Day a special offer to the first six people who BOOK with me a Mother's Day mini session. The deal is to those who book first will get a discount on their print order. How much of a discount, you ask? Send me an inquiry to find out! One print will be framed for the special woman so you can gift wrap it up for her immediately. This will be a 30 minute portrait session of your loved ones to give to that special mother. You have to book to be considered, not just sending me an email or an inquiry of interest. 

I cannot wait to hear from you!