Print vs. Digital

If you have ever booked a photographer before you will know there is a great difference from being offered print photographs and digital copies of photographs. It is a pretty big ordeal when it comes to the photographer.

So what does that mean to you? How important is it to understand the difference? Well, that depends on you honestly. However, I am going to give you some information to help you decide which one you really prefer.



It is a classic. You get to frame them, add them to your wall, your desk, your wallet, whatever you please. There is something about having a hard copy of a photograph in your hand that just is amazing. 

Not only that, I loved looking at old photographs at my parents and grandparents when I was a child. There was a whole large plastic tub filled with them. Each photo brought up a memory for my parents and a story would be ingrained in my memory because of these print photographs in a box. Yes, you may say, but they sit in a box collecting dust. Yes, but one day your child will grow up and get to show their children and their grandchildren all of the memories they had. Plus, who knows what they will think when they look at the photographs of you. (Interesting hairstyles, clothing choices, etc.) 

They also make really great gifts to people. I can't tell you how many times growing up, I felt like I had NO IDEA what to get my parents, sisters, or any family member for that matter for a birthday or holiday gift. So I went to any place that had quality photo printing and printed a photo so I could frame and give as a gift. It was an amazing life saver for when I could not come up with anything else. 


It is hard to carry around to show everyone. Yes, you may have these all around your house or desk, but if you want to go someplace you would have to be carrying around your pictures if you planned on showing anyone. Unless you had wallets and after awhile that gets bulky. This is probably one of the only cons to having prints for your photography.



You can carry it everywhere. It can go on your phone, on your computer, and even on social media. It is easy to share and so easy to show people anywhere you are. 

You don't have to wait for the printer to be done before you get to see "the final product." As soon as the photographer has them perfected you no longer have to wait. 


It may seem smarter to buy a session from someone who only uses digital photographs, however there is a possibility of the session price being higher because they are just sending you the photographs online. They could also be charging you a larger price for just the digital copies which seems silly because it's not a tangible item (it's pixels on a screen). Even so, if you ever wanted to print something out anyway, you would have to pay money which defeats the whole purpose.

So what does Kaytee Lorentzen Photography do? Both, in a sense. I use digital for my app and for my website/social media. However, I only do a top 20 for digital just so then my prices can stay where they are at instead of growing just because of that. I mainly sell print products. Which you can figure out after your viewing party. That way, you don't have to just carry around prints to show your friends and yet you can still send out prints, as well as have them around your house. 

If you were wondering anymore about the print vs. digital debate, feel free to contact me here.

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography