Why buy a professional photography session

With the popularity of having the "nice cameras" bought by everyday individuals it may seem like a waste of money today to think about buying a professional photographer. However, I am here to let you know why you SHOULD still buy a professional photography session. 

A photographer is an artist. So I am going to give you the example of a photographer and his/her camera to a painter and his/her paint brushes and paint. If you are watching an artist work, you can see all the time and effort goes into making a painting. That artist takes into account the highlights, the shadows, the realism, and every detail in the painting. It was the artist and not the paint brushes or the colors that made that up for him/her. When a photographer is taking pictures of their subjects, that photographer notices the same things all around. 

Photographers have to take into account the lighting, where to place their subjects, composition, the background, and the details. Sure, we may not realize every little detail while we are taking the photographs because the screen on the back of our camera may not be very large, and it is easier to look at it through our computer screen. That is why we edit the photographs. It is very similar to when an artist goes back through and corrects the details even if they imagined they would be finished by then. 

As a photographer, I can tell you that we learn how to pay attention to detail through various trainings, whether that be through schooling or our own research. We spend countless hours to make sure that you are a pleased customer by the end of the day. 

Buying a professional photography session will give you the results you REALLY want. You are more than likely drawn to photographs that have been professionally taken than from someone who is an everyday Joe. It is because photographers are known for studying exactly what it is that clients want to see (realistic and visually appealing). 

So when thinking about whether to buy a session from a professional photographer or just choosing to do it yourself, it may save you a lot of time, hassle, and headaches if you choose to go with a professional. We do more of the work, while you just have to make a few decisions and show up. That's why you would hire us. 

If you have any more reasons why you think you should or should not hire a professional photographer, contact me here!

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography