Kaytee Lorentzen Photograpy - VIP Membership

I have decided to give it a go to and be able to treat some clients of mine and reward them with what I am calling VIP Membership. I was trying to come with multiple ideas on what I could do to reward clients for just being clients so I came up with being a VIP Client.

What is the point of being a VIP member? Oh, get ready for this. Not only do you get to say that you are a VIP member, you get lots of perks that come with the status.

  • You get signed up to a special newsletter only for VIP members. This is where you will receive word of any special contests, drawings or promotions either before anyone else or just exclusively for VIP members.
  • Also on the newsletter, you get a special shout-out for becoming a VIP member. It's almost like a mini profile on you (your family, etc.).
  • Not only do you get featured in the newsletter, but also on KLP's social media accounts.
  • Frequent gifts and surprises.
  • And much more to come.

So, how do you get to VIP status? It's pretty simple. You need to do just do two of the following from this list:

  • Book 5 sessions
  • Refer 5 Clients (They must book)
  • Buy the Premium Deal and use the app to share your session at least twice
  • Write a testimonial for KLP

It is really that simple. So what do you think? Want to be a VIP member? Start by booking your first session! All you have to do to start is send me an inquiry here!

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography