Personal Project: Sarah's Story

During my senior year at Ball State University, I was given the opportunity to do now one of my favorite projects to date. I studied photojournalism in my undergraduate and our senior year was more of an independent study with a very "loose" syllabus. We had projects to turn in, but we pretty much had free rain of what we wanted to do.

Our final was to create a multimedia story. That was pretty much all our professor gave us for the project. However, he told us that we could stretch outside of just photo to video, which to some of my peers was understandably terrifying. It was new to some of us; we have never ventured to that part of news. I took this as the opportunity to try something new and just have fun with it. I ended up falling in love with the project.

I was in a sorority during college and right after our fall philanthropy event we were told some devastating news. One of our fellow sisters had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I can still remember the feeling of the room coming to a standstill. Every single one of us had our heart sinking. Tears started coming. It was so hard for many of us to believe.

When our final project was given to us, we had about a whole semester to work on it. Coming up with an idea that would move people was hard for me to come up with originally. I thought of asking my sorority sister to do a story on her, but was scared because I didn't know how to ask her and what I would be getting into. When my professor heard my idea, he told me if I could get to do the story I wouldn't regret it. Plus, being her sister, she wouldn't feel like I would spin it in anyway. It would be true.

When I asked Sarah, she said she would love to do it. I was thrilled. I knew now what my mission was, and that was to bring her story to life and show the behind the scenes of her chemotherapy.

I wanted to share this with you because I have it on my website, but not many people would go looking for it.

The video is below.

Sarah Stockton, 21 year old Ball State University student, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This video is a story about her journey since starting her chemotherapy. Feel free to share this video. This initially started as my senior project for my photojournalism class that allowed us to tell a story within a stated amount of time.

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner & Photographer | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography