Session Special: Independence Day Mini Session Special!

It's that time again! Another session special! You may have read the title of this post and asked the question "Now why on earth do I need a mini session featuring Independence Day?" That is a good question, actually one you should be asking. 

Riddle me this... When do you have time to get your family (especially during the summer) to get ready for a two or three hour portrait session? I remember growing up and my mother always wanting us to have family photos taken, but as we got older the harder it was to get all of together at one time to get a few photographs taken. At least one of us were in sports, we wanted to be at our friends, we wanted to be at the pool, go on day trips, and find all sorts of ways to drive mom all over the place for us. I honestly don't think we ever stopped going during the summer time. 

Do you feel this way now? You almost don't want to think about getting pictures taken, but when was the last time you sent out pictures to your family members? Two years ago? If you have kids those two years may seem like a lifetime of growing that your family hasn't been able to see. 

Summer is the perfect time to get photographs because it's warm and the weather doesn't seem to be as crazy (with living in Indiana the weather can seem to go from sunny and 85 to thunder storming in a matter of seconds). It seems to calm down more into the summer months. But, like I said earlier, with what time? 

That is what this session special is all about. I believe that everyone can spare 30 minutes in their day to get their photographs taken. That is why I wanted to give people the opportunity to book a session with me in hopes that your family members can finally get those pictures they have been waiting to see. The idea of Independence Day is just because it is the biggest holiday in the summer months. Plus, if you want to use the American theme, you are more than welcome to. 

Book now to reserve your spot. You will receive a $15 product credit and not only one, but TWO framed 8x10s to give to your family members (or keep for yourself). Just send me an inquiry here and type in Independence Day Mini Session Special in the subject line to make sure you get on my list. If you are one of the first six to book, you get an extra product credit of $15. 

BOOK TODAY by sending me an inquiry. The special expires on (you guessed it) the Fourth of July. You may still have your session after the fourth of July, you just need to book with me before that.