You Should Expect This

Hello everyone!

Wow! So much has been going on lately. Some great news is happening right now, that I can't share quite yet. Just be patient and you will find out all about it. 

But first, I wanted to talk to you all and explain the expectations you will have if you are booking with me. I have noticed that it wasn't yet in my blog posts. So I needed to hop on that ASAP! This post will explain the process that will happen if you book with me, as well as the current packages (with some prices) and some products that I offer. 


So, you decided you want to book with me. That is great. You have already made a great decision. Now what? Send me an inquiry on this page (click there) and tell me. Once I receive this, I will contact you back wanting to set up a Planning Meeting. This is where we will plan everything - the location, the time and date, which package you want to pick (with the down payment), any details, ideas for the photo session, and just get to know you better. This is where your imagination can start up. I will also suggest some ideas on what products you could want based off the photographs.

Next comes the actual session. This is where the rest of the payment for the session is due. We will meet at the location and take the photographs. Afterwards, I will remind you that once I am done editing - and I will give you a time frame, but not longer than two weeks - that I will contact you to set up the next step, the viewing party.

During the viewing party, we will sit down and view the pictures I have compiled for you all. It is important that everyone that has a decision factor in purchasing photos be there. This is when you will make decisions on purchasing photographs from me. We will look through them once just to see them all, then the second time is when you will fill out the ones you liked. Then, the last time around you will pick out your top 20. After that, we will figure out which photographs you would want to purchase - sizing, products, etc. - and that is when you will pay for the products. 

The last step is when I deliver the products to you. I will meet up with you and make sure you have them in hand. 


I have added the current pricing lists for the sessions below. 


I have added the current product listing below. 

Now, the prices are subject to change, and packages may be added later on. These are as current as I have them now. 

Let me know if there is anything unclear so I can make sure to make it better to understand. 

Thank you!
Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner & Photographer | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography