How KLP helps you pick the BEST images

You just finished your photography session. Congratulations! This is the time I work my magic and prepare all of these photographs for the next step, the viewing party. 

A viewing party is where you will gather anyone in the photographs (and anyone else wanting to purchase some) to your home and where you will get to see the photographs I had prepared for you. This is pretty exciting because by this time you will only have seen a few sneak peek photographs from my blog, which is the max of four photos! This is where everything comes to life and the photographs are seen for the first time. 

This is honestly my favorite part of the WHOLE experience. I don't watch the photographs because I love to see the customers faces when I show these photographs. It is the best part of being a photographer - the reaction to capturing the moments and seeing them for the first time. 

After the initial presentation, you will get to choose the photographs you love the most and which ones you will buy. Now the questions start, how in the world are you supposed to decide these photos?!?!

Don't panic! I am here for you. 

In your initial consultation with me - the one before the session -  I will have met you and came to your home to talk about the types of photographs you wanted to try out. Also, I should have talked with you some possibilities of where you would place some of the photographs from the session into your home and taken photographs around your home of some of those walls or places. 

By this time, I will have created some sample wall art from the pictures I took throughout your home and added the photographs from the session to them. This way, you can see what the photos would look like before you even purchase them. 

Also, I will create an album of some of the photos to help you decide on the album choices. 

Granted, this still seems like a crazy amount of choices. However, this has helped when deciding how you would want to use these photographs. It makes the decision making process go a lot faster than just going from scratch. 

This is why the consultation before the session is important to not only me, the photographer, but also to keeping your headaches down from too much to handle. 

Thank you!
Kaytee Lorentzen | Owner of Kaytee Lorentzen Photography