Sneak Peek: Derek & Sydney's Engagement Session

My friends Derek and Sydney are recently engaged and were really excited to share their engagement with everyone. I was friends with Derek and when I heard of his recent engagement I insisted that I took their photographs. They were beyond excited, and even came all the way to Bloomington (they are from Geneva, Indiana - a small town on northeast side of Indiana) just for me to take these pictures. We chose someplace that I normally gravitate towards just because of the wonderful backgrounds and leading lines wineries have. When we got to Oliver Winery, I showed them around the grounds and let them decide where they would want their photographs taken. I loved this about the session because it made them extremely comfortable in front of the camera. My favorite thing about this session is that it is not necessarily about the ring as you see in most sessions, but about the love they have for each other, which is very apparent in the photographs.  Here is their sneak peek photographs!