Before & After: Editing Photographs

There is a lot of work that goes into a single photograph. This is one of the parts that makes the photographer show their own personal style. This is what makes a person or a photo different than the rest. Yes, you can do so many different things before you even put it to your computer, like angles, lighting, etc. However, there are things to do after the photos have been sorted through also known as post production.

I am here to show you a few before and after photos of a recent session I did with Derek & Sydney in their engagement session. You will get to see how I go from just an ordinary photo, to making it perfect. I use Lightroom for most of my editing and I use presets to make sure all the photos have the same type of editing to them. Also, I used some black & white filter as well. Enjoy!

The first one I chose to show you is because it really had minimal editing. All I did was lighten up the photo. See how that makes a difference? It wasn't achieved in the camera, so I needed to edit that in post production. 

This second one is almost the same as the first, just closer in. You can see how lightening it brightens their faces and just gives it a cleaner look. 

This is how I achieved the cover photo for their session. As you can see, the photo benefited a lot by becoming a black and white. As their was nothing really wrong with the color version, the black and white just stands out more and looks timeless. 

And lastly, this is one where I had to do some more post production editing. As you can see in the before shot, both Derek & Sydney look a little dark for the photo, but the background (especially the sky) is really bright and hard to see. So, I brought the clouds back in while brightening them up. This much editing seemed necessary, otherwise they would just have a white sky behind them, which isn't realistic. 

So that is the four images that I wanted to show off from this session with before and afters just so you could kind of get a taste of what I do when I edit. I tend to lean towards more minimalistic kind of editing unless it is necessary - like the last photo just because a white sky isn't realistic. You can check out my blog post on Creative vs. Traditional/Minimalistic Editing types here! This is the process I take after I edit the photographs and why it can take long (and what you are paying me to do).

If you ever want to know more about my editing you can comment below to ask! 

Thank you,
Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography