6 Tips to Prepare for a Session

You have a session booked and the date is approaching quickly. Before you know it, it's here. Are you prepared for your session? Here are some of my top tips to help you prepare for a photography session (especially with me).

Tip #1: Let your personality shine!
Show your personality through your clothes and accessories. You don't need to wear the same colors or the same outfit just because of this event. You want to be as diverse as you are in person. Be true to you as well as play off of one another's outfits. 

Tip #2: Make sure you know your location.
Chose the location before you pick your outfits. That way you can chose a comfortable outfit for your surroundings. Don't be wearing your heels if you are planning on doing a little bit of hiking. You will not be happy about it later. 

Tip #3: Come up with some ideas of what you want from your session.
I will have some ideas on what to do for your session based off of what you have told me in your consultation, but I love client input. Not only do you get a direct say the day of the session, it also helps the client have a better time at the session. One session I did recently was pretty much up to the couple. I showed them around the grounds of a winery and they took it from there for the most part. It was almost entirely posed by them, all I did was adjust any little things. 

Tip #4: Read my emails/Check out my Pinterest Boards.
I send out some emails before your session to help you prepare for the session. I want to make sure I answer any questions that you have beforehand and put your mind at ease. Also, there are lots of ideas and tips in my Pinterest Page boards where you are more than welcome to look at before hand to help give your own creative juices flowing. 

Tip #5: Have fun!
This may seem silly, but I want you to have fun at your session. No one wants to see pictures of people who look grumpy or not happy to be there. You wanted these photographs taken because you wanted to show off your family, significant other, pet, children, etc. to the world. Be happy about it. You love them for a reason and want to cherish not only this moment with them, but all moments. Plus, I tend to snap those candid pictures, and everyone loves those more than the posed ones any day, because of the genuine love and happiness there is.

Tip #6: Ask questions.
If you are wondering something that hasn't been addressed or you just happen to forget if it was 1pm or 1:30pm you were supposed to be at location XY&Z, ask. I do not mind answering your questions. Not only does that put your ease at mind, it also helps me learn what I need to be answering up front and if I need to correct how I present things. 

Thank you,
Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography