Indoor Sessions - What you need to know

Sessions don't always go as planned. Being an Indiana photographer, you can understand that the weather cannot always be predicted. Heck, it can go from snowing one day and sunny and 72 degrees the next day. (If you are not from Indiana, yes, this does happen and often). If you had your session planned outdoors this could seem very frustrating. I get just as frustrated (if not more) than my clients. However, not all hope is lost. 

As a lifestyle photographer, I like to take photographs of whatever it is that my clients love to do. I can guarantee that not all of my clients spend 100% of their time outdoors. Even though I am a more natural light type of photographer, I will sacrifice that to get more genuine photographs of doing what my client(s) love to do anyway.

What I mean is, I will do indoor sessions. With it being the month of "April Showers" you cannot always expect it not to rain and storm. If you are wondering what in the world can you do with this, I have provided a list of ideas for you.

  • Baking/Cooking
  • Playing board games/cards/etc.
  • Playtime
  • Craft time
  • Playing an instrument
  • Painting
  • Family Night activities
  • Going to a museum/play place
  • Indoor Rock Climbing

Just to name a few. This list could go on and on with possibilities but I think I got the idea ball rolling for you. 

Comment below with your indoor session ideas so I can help better serve my clients. If you are from Bloomington (or surrounding areas) comment below what you love to do that involves being indoors or of any place local you love to go!