3 things you should always have with you during a session

I always get the question of "what should I bring to my session?" As I am always prepared for anything, I bring WAY too much stuff for anything. If I am going away to my parent's house for the weekend, I have three full bags of stuff I bring. (I know, I am very excessive on that). So I thought I would make a little list of things you should bring with you.

  1. A small, handheld mirror - This is to check your teeth and hair. You know how you want your hair to look in these photos and so I always suggest to bring something to look in so you can have it how you want. With that, you can bring a brush or hairspray. For your teeth, either bring floss or a small toothbrush (like the travel ones) to get anything off you were not expecting to have there. 
  2. A small travel size sewing set and scissors - I know plenty of times when I go somewhere and all of a sudden there is a really annoying extra string or a button is falling off. A small, travel size sewing kit and a pair of scissors go a long way with that. 
  3. Water - Always stay hydrated. If you want to bring a small snack too to keep your blood sugar up go ahead with that as well. I would rather you be carrying your bottles of water around than getting dehydrated. 

If you bring these few things with you, then you can make sure to have a better session. It's all about being prepared and you will worry a little bit less.