Lifestyle vs. Traditional Photos

When looking for a photographer, during your research stage one of the main things you need to look for is style. How do these photographers take photographs? Do they typically pose the clients or is it more playful and not necessarily looking at the camera? Is it more candid? Is this studio work or on location? It is more bright colors or dark colors?

Now that you have researched all of these, which do YOU (the client) like better? There is no right or wrong way to these styles. Some photographers only do studio work because that is what they are good at and like to do. Some do all sorts of styles. You need to figure out what it is that you are going to be happy with based off of their previous work.

With all of these options, there is one that is becoming more popular (and also what I specialize in) - lifestyle photography. I wanted to make a list for you so you can fully understand what the difference is between the traditional - or posed - photographs and lifestyle photographs.

Traditional Photographs

Your traditional photographs just mean that your photographer likes to pose you (or can pose you). This is your typical senior or family photos where the client is looking into the camera smiling and striking some sort of pose. You see this everywhere. It is what people would do when they used to get family portraits even when it used to be paintings. Luckily, you don't have to sit as long as they did.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with traditionally styled photographs. I still have clients requesting this as most people are used to this. I am perfectly fine doing this for everyone because this is what they are used to. "It's traditional." It's what people are expecting. I just prefer to do lifestyle type photographs (which I will get to explain here in a minute).

Lifestyle Photographs

Lifestyle type of photographs simply means candid, or documentary. Lifestyle is to show off what you typically are doing every day. Sure, you may be more dressed up to play a board game when you are in the photos, but if you and your family like to play board games, lifestyle photography will capture that. It will show the real moments and the real memories that you have.

The reason I specialize in this is because of the real memories that I am capturing. I am capturing the real smile (the one that is different than your "Say Cheese" smile). I am capturing the real excitement when you win that board game or shoot the basket, etc. This is why this is my favorite. I get to know the real people that I am taking photographs of. (Can you tell this is my passion by the way I write about this?)


Either way, you are the client and need to decide on which style you prefer for your photographs. All a photographer ever wants is you to happy with the product and you need to go with a photographer that you are stylistically happy with in order to do that.

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography