The Virtual Wall Art Design

"These photos don't look right together." "How do I even design a wall with my photos?" "What sizes of products do I need?" "What am I doing?"

Do any of these phrases sound familiar when it comes to getting some products from your latest session from your photographer? As a client, I can imagine it being difficult to be confident in buying products from your photographer when you have no idea what it plans to look like when it is on your walls. Honestly, before the world of Pinterest and even with almost no design sense when it came to photo walls, I was lost. How would I trust my clients to love what they get if it's not in a blue print for them? 

When I was able to learn of this amazing software that I can use to help clients take the worry out of it, I jumped at the site of it. The program I use is able to help my clients visualize, virtually, what these photographs are going to look like on their walls. I am able to either show them what these designs look like on my virtual walls, or on their own that I can download into the system. 

I am able to show my clients what it's going to look like on their walls as well as make adjustments to which photos they prefer as well as the sizing and product type. Here are some screen shots of some test items I have used in the past. 

This process will not only help you choose the best photos for your wall, but also make you feel better about your decisions. This gives you, the client, a piece of mind knowing that you made the right choices. Plus, it makes you a part of the design team. 

If you would love to try this service, contact me today about setting up a session. 

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography