How to show sincere emotion in your photographs

When I ask a family, a couple, or an individual to send me their Pinterest board of ideas, it's not for the reason you think. I want to get inside the heads of these people so I can understand what they like and don't like. They hired me because of one reason or another, but I also want to know what their favorite photos are so I can try to produce something similar for him or her. 

One of the things I notice the most is candid photos or ones that show a lot of emotion - which is great because those are the photos I love to capture. As a client, you may want to know how to make yourself give this emotion without feeling weird, awkward, or like you are making a fool of yourself. I have decided to give you some tips to give that emotion and make it sincere. 

One, pick a moment. 

Photo by Lauren Dahlhauser Photography

Photo by Lauren Dahlhauser Photography

What do I mean? Do you ever see those photos of the "first look" from wedding photos and how they look so happy and so in love that they are just in awe of each other? They are overwhelmed by emotion they can't contain it. Unfortunately, with your other photos, not everyone has those overwhelming feelings brought forth. So, we have to improvise to get those photos. 

I want you to go back to a moment you were truly happy, and I do mean truly happy. You can go ahead and close your eyes and imagine this. Now open them. Are you smiling? Good. That's the trick. You can use this for almost any emotion you want to convey.

Doing couple photos? Think of that moment when you fell in love with them, or even that first moment you had a crush on them. Did your heart just flutter a little? How do you feel when you are looking into his/her eyes? Picture this in your head.

Family photos? Imagine the happy moments together. Imagine the funny moments together. If there are younger kids involved, this may not be an easy concept. So practice with them and associate a word with this moment. For example, "Remember that time Mommy ran around in circles so much she got dizzy and fell down? Wasn't that funny? Mommy fell!!" and keep repeating Mommy fell so that they associate how funny it was. Then during the photos, you can say "Remember when Mommy fell?" to start the laughing. 

Photo by: Lauren Dahlhauser photography

Photo by: Lauren Dahlhauser photography

Now, when you get in front of the camera, start thinking of these moments and bring those emotions forward. This will create amazing sincere emotions that will be shown in the photographs. 

Two, be yourself. 

This may sound obvious, but when you are standing in front of the camera all thoughts typically go out the window. Trust me, even I do it. So I am going to give you the tips I use when I stand in front of the camera to help me be myself. 

I know I am an awkward person in front of the camera, so I make faces at myself and then I end of laughing about it which in result gives great laughing photos. 

I also tend to dance, a lot. Sometimes that works out well and others it doesn't, but it makes it so fun. 

Smile. And not that awkward smile. Truly smile. Be happy. Imagine something that makes you happy (back to tip one). 

Being yourself brings out the greatest REAL emotion. 

Three, get comfortable. 

If you are someone who has a comfort space or a comfort outfit that makes you feel confident, be in that space or outfit. 

Why? Confidence is the strongest emotions you can capture. Plus, if you are comfortable, the other emotions come much easier to convey. Why do you think the saying is "Confidence is key"? 

Imagine a space that you feel comfortable in when you are not in that space. I promise you will feel that comfort come to you. 

When you are in uncomfortable clothing what is the one thing you are thinking the entire time? "My shirt is too tight, my pants are fitting weird, my choker is literally choking me and I can fall out of these shoes at any time." Was I wrong? You're not thinking about your emotions, your mind is on other things and your face is telling your photographer that you are not comfortable. Please wear something you are comfortable in to your session. 

In conclusion...

Pick your moment, be yourself, and get comfortable. 

I hope these tips will come in handy on your session date. 

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