Easy props you can incorporate into your session

Props can be a tricky subject. I don't have anything against them, but not everyone knows really what they should use or can use in a session. I wanted to create a quick and simple list of items you can easily use in your session.

1. Flowers - I love to use flowers as a prop because they can be whimsical and natural. It doesn't look to forced and it brightens up the photos.
2. Toys - Children are always playing with toys. This won't look unnatural because of that fact. If I get a photo with a toddler and their favorite toy, that will be normal. It's a part of who they are and what they like. It's also super easy because it will make them happy to have that with them while I am taking their photos.
3. Jackets - Jackets are most definitely a prop. You can wear it, swing it over your shoulder, wrap it around your waist, etc. Since it's a part of your wardrobe, it looks natural and no effort is put into it.
4. Blankets - These work really well with couples to wrap each other in. It brings them closer together and it looks really lovey. This trick also works well with children.
5. Announcement pieces - Examples could include: engagement ring, ultrasound photos, baby booties, house keys (first place to live, bought a house), etc. These little things are easy to carry and help make announcement photos clear. You want someone to know you are announcing something very specific and these are key things to do that with.

This is just a small list of things you can use easily in your session without needing a lot of thought behind it.