How to use nature for your props: Fall Edition

Here is a quick blog post to give you some easy ideas to incorporate fall nature props into your session.

1. Trees - The trees are going to be turning some wonderful colors in the fall, so easily use low branches to frame the photo or even just to be around. It will easily enhance the photos.
2. Leaves - This may seem obvious, but that's because it is. Use things that have fallen from the trees (leaves and pinecones) to help with the photos. You can play in them, throw them in the air, lay on them, blow them out of your hands. I mean there are endless possibilities to use these in your photographs.
3. Pumpkins - This may seem a little more less obvious unless you are literally growing them. However, it screams fall and it technically is in nature. You can use them as a lifestyle session (going to pick the pumpkins) or as a prop (holding them, or even balancing on your head). 
4. Apples - Picking apples is another great way to use them in your session. 
5. Corn fields - Being in Indiana, drive anywhere and in 30-45 minutes you are bound to see one. They are EVERYWHERE. Use this to your advantage. Make sure you get permission from the owner of the land, but these work great as a backdrop or even to run through. They can be used to frame a photograph too.

Hopefully, you can use these to help create some great photographs in your fall session!