What is up with personalized apps?

You might have heard some hype about personalized apps. Some questions might arise like "what are they?" "Do I need one?" "How do they work?" to name a few. I am wanting to put your mind to ease and put it all out there for you. 

What is a personalized app? 

It's an app that you can download to your phone that will have pictures of your session on them. The app itself will be a picture from your session. 

Cool, but what's the point?

The point to having one is because it will make sharing your photos SO much easier. For one, it doesn't take up any data or use wifi. You just click the app and your photos are there. You can scroll through them, make some your favorites, share the photos individually or as the app itself. This is a great, easy way to just hand over your phone to your friends and family when they want to see your photos from your session. 

Wow, that's awesome. Do I really need one from my session? 

You don't NEED one, but you will definitely want it. Like I said, it doesn't take any data or wifi. So unlike your photo gallery, this will come up anywhere and won't use a thing. It makes it super convenient to pull them up whenever someone asks about it. 

This sounds perfect! How do I get one?

After your session, you just order one with your product order. Each app is $20 and will come with your session photos (with watermark in the corner) and a photo as the app itself.