5 ways to make your holidays memorable

It is now the month of all the special holidays that allow family and friends to come together and celebrate. I for one want to make the most of it. Last year, my family and I went through a pretty tough time and it really made me want to cherish the memories every chance I could. I wanted to share some ways for you to as well instead of being caught up on what everyone else is doing (aka being on social media).

1. Only Take photos at events that are posed (i.e. everyone gets together and smile for the camera) and then keep your phone/camera away

I am really big on keeping your phone away during family events. I don’t even like to bring them out on dates. However, these are good times you want to keep. I get that. However, I have recently came to discover that the more you have your camera up, the more you miss what is actually happening. Have you ever noticed that? You are so concentrated on keeping the subject in the frame and in focus that you aren’t actually watching what is going on. You miss those moments in real time. This is why I say you can take photos, but leave it for the posed ones. Then, PUT IT AWAY!

2. Journal after the events

So how will you remember everything if your not taking pictures that aren’t posed or “in the moment?” By keeping a journal. It’s honestly the best way to do that. You will then be able to reflect on your memories. It is also a good way to caption your album or photos later on.

3. Do an activity at events

It may sound crazy, but I honestly thinks this helps a lot when it comes to remembering things. At one of my families gatherings, we get Christmas Crackers (Find out what they are here). Each year we open them after dinner around the table and it comes with some sort of toy/gadget/trinket, two jokes and two riddles and a paper crown. We go around the table and tell the jokes and riddles one by one (some repeat so it doesn’t go on forever). Last year we even got wind up penguins and had penguin races. This is something I look forward to every year and it is so much fun. My family may get a little out of hand with it because by then we have had some beverages and we all love to voice our opinion in everything. (You can even take a look at buying some here!)

4. Stay off your phone

In today’s world it’s something I really want to stress. I can’t tell you how disheartening it is to go to an event and see everyone just scrolling on their phones. It makes me want to scream “go talk to someone", or “how about you help grandma/little child out with something.” I am totally guilty of this in the past and it makes me ill thinking that I missed out on catching up with my family and making new memories. If you don’t know something about someone, ask them. I know it makes my grandparents world when I talk to them and just listen to what they have to say. So put them away for the events. Nothing life altering is going to happen during them. If you MUST have your phone on you, put it on airplane mode or do not disturb mode.

5. With the pictures you do get, add them to an online album (i.e. Facebook, Google Photos, Amazon Prime Photos, etc.)

AFTER you have left the event, add them to an online album. I have my phone set to automatic backup with Google Photos when I get to an area with Wi-Fi. From those photos, I can select the ones from an event and make an album. I can share these with anyone I send the link to and they can download it as well. This way, my photos are always backed up and if I ever want to see them again, they are organized and on a platform I can get to from anywhere with internet.

I hope these ways can help you enjoy your holiday more and have more memories with your friends and family. Trust me when I say it is worth it to be present instead of preoccupied with your technology. Now go make some memories.