A personal story: my health

At the beginning of 2018 I started on a journey with my health. At this point, I was considered overweight in the BMI scale, my clothes were a little more than snug, and I was tired all the time. I hated how I looked in the mirror. I hated that nothing fit anymore (my underwear was even getting tight). I hated my body. I did not want this life for me anymore. We only get one body in this life and it is my temple. I needed to start taking care of it.


I had enough. I HAD to change something. I wanted to share this journey with you so you can get a peek into a part of my life that has become something very important to me. I want to be real with you and share my accomplishments and my struggles with you. So the story begins.

January 15, 2018 was the day that started this expedition. I had tried a previous Beachbody Program, 21 Day Fix, before and I liked the trainer and liked that it was at home so I wouldn’t have to rely on going to my gym on the other side of town.

On this day, Autumn Calabrese launched her newest program 80 Day Obsession. I thought to myself, if I can get through 80 days of this without falling off the wagon, this will start something healthy for me. And it did. I went all in and bought the full year of Beachbody on Demand so I wouldn’t have an excuse for not using it. I also did this so I wouldn’t have to spend the money on the equipment when I could buy those things on Amazon for a little cheaper.

Since that day, I have gone through 5 programs and 1 of them twice in 2018. In 2019, I have done 3 full programs and am on the 4th right now. It’s amazing. I have dialed in my nutrition, worked out almost every day and got great results from it. It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows though. It hasn’t always been easy.


I had to take a week long break in my first program because I re-injured my back. I felt awful taking that time off, but grateful I noticed when I needed to stop to prevent a further injury.

In the summer, I hit a lull in my weight loss. I kept up with the same nutrition and workout programs as before and nothing was happening. I felt stuck and helpless in what to do.

I have constantly gone up and down in my weight and still to this day I struggle with water intake. It’s a roller coster of emotions and there are some good days and some bad days, just like everyone else.

However, through all of this I have learned some great things about my health.

I have learned some allergies and intolerances and which stuff to cut out of my diet. I found out I am allergic to some vegetables and the most servere one I have encountered was Jackfruit. I also cannot have lactose. So I don’t drink regular milk and I have cut back a lot on cheese. I also watch my portion control to make sure I am not eating too much and stopping when I start to feel full.

I have been meal prepping every week and I plan these based on what I should eat and what time of the day. I will even incorporate how to do this on a budget.

I’ve found out what work outs work best for me and how to safely and correctly lift weights. I have started recording my workouts so I can look back and check my form and see how much I have progressed. I love doing programs over again as well because you start to feel so different. You notice that you are no longer modifying or “feel like you are dying.” That is one of the best feelings for me.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 9.27.04 PM.png

And last but not least, I have learned how to properly set goals for myself. These things do not happen overnight, or within a few days or weeks. It takes a LONG time. It feels like forever and it sucks on some days when you feel like you are not getting anywhere. I have found out what are realistic expectations and also not have something really concrete. I don’t have certain numbers I want to reach, I have ranges. I know that I am not going to look like other girls, but I can have an image on what I want to work towards.


This journey is never ending and I am so thankful I was introduced to something that started my love for health and fitness. It’s amazing what you can do when you are determined enough.