Erikka & Dustin Proposal 3.19.2016


Dustin Sitterding, of Columbus, Indiana, decided to propose to his girlfriend, Erikka Thompson, also of Columbus, Indiana, this past weekend at Brown County State Park up at the North Lookout. I was absolutely thrilled when he asked me to photograph this proposal being that Dustin is my cousin. I knew from early on in their relationship that Erikka was the perfect match for Dustin.


Dustin and Erikka have been together for over a year and I have loved being able to watch their relationship grow. It wasn’t until the proposal when I actually found out how they had met. The first words Dustin said to Erikka when they met in September 2014 were, “Hi. I’m a ginger!” She just looked at him, then back at her friend and said, “Is he serious?” as she tried to not roll her eyes. So the first thing Dustin said as he got down on his knee was “I’m a ginger!”


When Dustin was planning this proposal he knew he really wanted to have some family members there because family was an important value in Erikka’s life. She has always been close with her family and Dustin loved that aspect of her. So he planned for them all to go on a hike at Brown County State Park and at the end of the trail he would propose at the North Lookout where there would be flowers, some delicious snacks, sparkling cider, and the family to witness this moment. On the way up the trail he strategically had signs placed going up to the lookout about their journey together. The final sign gave the hint that there would be forever involved. As they looked out into the park, he asked the love of his life to be with him for eternity.


I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful couple! 

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