My top 6 staple pieces for my own sessions and how you incorporate them into yours

One of the top questions I get is asking for advice on what to wear to a session. Every session and client is different. However, there are a few “staple pieces” I really love for my own photos and I think you could easily incorporate them into your own session. These pieces are timeless, flattering, and can go with almost any other pieces you have in your closet. They are versatile and can be basic pieces for your everyday wardrobe as well. The only accentuating these pieces will do is your confidence.

I have 6 pieces I think would be easy for you to use and find in your home that you can use during your session.

Black Dress Shirt

08172019 Kaytee Staple Pieces JPEG-3.jpg

A black dress shirt screams classic, but sophisticated. It is very flattering as anything with the color black is very forgiving and makes you look confident. It’s a very easy piece to be able to use both during and then after a session. I love using this because I can also wear it to work, out to dinner, and even just when I want to feel good. A good side note is that since I can wear this often, I know that it fits me well and that I am comfortable in it, making me look more confident in my photos.

Black strappy heels or booties

08172019 Kaytee Staple Pieces JPEG-17.jpg

Again, with the same idea of black. Plus it goes with just about everything. When you look back on these photographs you won’t be able to really tell even when these photos were taken because this is just a classic. I will say with caution to remember where your photos are being taken. If you plan on hiking up a trail for these photos, don’t just bring these, have a pair of walking shoes and just use these for the photo time only!

A jean jacket

08172019 Kaytee Staple Pieces JPEG-9.jpg

This is my go-to jacket for anything and everything. Ball game? Jean jacket. Concert? Jean jacket. A nice dinner? Jean jacket. Bonfire? Jean jacket. You get my drift. Not only can you wear it with casual clothes, you can even where it with your business casual clothes as well. I use it to tie together an outfit I wore to work then to transition to a night out. I like mine plain Jane, but I love seeing people get ones that show off their personality too.

Nice pair of jeans

08172019 Kaytee Staple Pieces JPEG-4.jpg

If this is not in your closet already, you need to get to the nearest consignment store and get you a pair (they can still be nice if they are second hand, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg). I don’t care if you don’t even like to wear jeans, you need this in your life for those moments you want to look put together. What do I mean by “nice pair?” No holes, no rips, a just short of perfect fit, and makes you feel “bomb.” I read somewhere that there is a “perfect fit” pair of jeans somewhere on the internet that fits every single person that tries it on. Maybe try this out?

A flattering, neutral color dress

08172019 Kaytee Staple Pieces JPEG-14.jpg

I say this because I know not everyone is like me and has a wardrobe of black clothes galore. Neutral is your blacks, grays, whites, and your version of nude. No lines, no designs, just a flattering solid neutral color dress. By flattering I mean whatever makes you feel most confident, but also isn’t going to bother you during your session (i.e. dress too short you show a little too much of something, dress too long you are tripping over it, your girls are not going to be making a surprise visit, so tight you may pass out from not breathing, so loose you can make a tent in it, etc.).

Simple jewelry - a gold chain, hoops, etc.

08172019 Kaytee Staple Pieces JPEG-7.jpg

I say simple because I want these to be timeless. I want you to look back and not regret your decision. I am not saying that you will, but I know you have a moment where you look back on your school photos and think, “Why did I wear that?” We will not have these moments. These simplistic pieces won’t detract from what we are really wanting to look at in the photos, you. The viewer won’t get distracted and better yet, you wont have to fuss with it during your session.

Did this help you at all? I feel like even just one of these would be a great addition to your session.  Tell me, what is your favorite or one that you think you may be willing to try out for your session?

You can also download a one-page guide by clicking here!