Summer Portrait Session in Bloomington, Indiana - Lauren & Bailey

Lauren & Bailey are two people that I am so thankful to be around. Their upbeat personalities make my job so much fun and enjoyable. Any idea that I have they are all in for it. They are naturals at the portrait game and love incorporating their personalities into the photographs. Their summer collection was no different from the spring, except for that they now know what to expect from me and my ideas. The green house photos are awesome, but poor Lauren got the heat from the one of the rooms that the temperature was warmer than expected. She handled it like a champ though. Enjoy their summer session!

Can’t wait to see you in the fall!

Spring Portrait Session in Bloomington, Indiana - Lauren & Bailey

Last year I decided I wanted to have a few people be my “go-to’s” when it came to portrait work. I want photos of someone in the spring? They would be there. I need someone to play with my dog so I can have photos or practice with a crazy animal running around? They would be up to it. I just wanted to be able to have some “on call” people who would be down for just about anything. One of the first people that came to mind was my cousin, Lauren.

Lauren is a high school student at my alma mater, Center Grove High School in Greenwood, IN. She is a very personable and fun girl to be around. She loves makeup and cheer and wants to become a chiropractor. When I asked Lauren to help me out, she immediately said yes. I told her any friends she could bring would be fabulous. That is where Bailey comes in.

Bailey came to me a high school senior (now graduated) and has such a personality. She loves to laugh and it makes the BEST candid photos. I am so happy that Lauren introduced me to her because she is up for anything I ask her to do.

I have decided to do seasonal photos with both of them as they work extremely well together. Spring was the first one that we embarked on as I wanted to test a lot of new photography ideas out and practice more with my craft. Plus, it was finally getting nice out. Here are just a few of my favorites from their session!

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Top 5 things to do in Bloomington this summer

Bloomington has so much to offer, especially in the summer. It may not seem like there is a lot happening with all the students gone, but it’s still a lively community. I wanted to share the top 5 of my favorite things to do in Bloomington during the summer.

Farmer’s Market


Going to the Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite things to do. It combines me being in the sun and warmth with my love of food and support for local businesses. Plus, so many things to photograph! There is an eclectic array of people and food items. Not only can you get your produce and sometimes meat there, but you can also get flowers, and even shop some local bakeries and coffee shops. 

Lake Monroe

Not only is this something that I think you should do on the water, but also the area surrounding Lake Monroe is perfect to explore. Go hiking on a trail or even set up a tent and camp. Maybe rent a boat or a kayak and explore the water. You could even go fishing.

Bike around town

06182019 Q3 Photos JPEG-21.jpg

Now with Pace bikes scattered around town, it is so easy to be able to use a bike just to get around and explore. Go on the B-Line and see what you haven’t explored yet.

Do a photo tour

This just simply means find some awesome backdrops throughout Bloomington. It’s crazy the little nooks and crannies you can find in and right out of town. Maybe you could even document it and write a blog post.

Have a picnic at Oliver Winery

I may be a little biased towards Oliver Winery because I have done some sessions there, but honestly a park or any place with some grass would be a great location for a picnic (find some shade under a tree though so you don’t melt). Get a few of your favorite bites together (you could even pick something up at a local store like Bloomingfoods) and head out for a nice day in the park.

Bloomington just has so much more to offer that I could go into. I chose these five because they have all of my favorite things combined into them. You can get creative or even check out for more ideas.

Week of Chocolate - A photo collage

These past two years I have been asked to take photographs for the Week of Chocolate. This is a fundraising week (or two) for Life Designs here in Bloomington. Life Designs provides services and supports people with disabilities by supporting them with community living, education, employment, support services, and housing. They are a comprehensive resource for people with disabilities and their families in south central Indiana. They offer services for every stage of life. They aim to facilitate active citizenship, fulfilling relationships, and rewarding employment through inclusive communities that foster dignity and respect.

The Week of Chocolate has many events throughout the month of February to raise money for this program. There is a gallery viewing, a fashion show, a pampering event as well as their main event, Art of Chocolate. Last year, I was on a mission to help my community and Life Designs took a chance on me and let me photograph their events. I must have done a good job because they asked me back again this year. I volunteer my services to help give back to this company. I even help by setting up a photo booth during the Art of Chocolate and each photo booth session cost gets donated to Life Designs.

I wanted to share some highlights from these past few weeks. Thank you again Life Designs for all that you do!

Why I decided to start my own photography business

Time to get personal with you all. I share a little story with you in my about me section of my page, but I don’t really go into full detail. So sit back, and grab some popcorn for this little feature I like to call “Why I decided to start my own photography business.”

Back in 2010, I was starting my senior year of high school. I was in my third year of photography which was the independent study group. Photography is a very popular class at my high school and I can honestly say the teacher, Mrs. Fowler, had a lot to do with it. She was in all sorts of ways amazing and inspiring.

Mrs. Fowler asked me what I wanted to do with my life? She was very much a friend and a mentor at this point to me and I had no problems opening up to her. I told her photography was what I wanted to do with my life. I really didn’t see myself doing anything else. I had mentioned that I had shadowed studio photographers and I wasn’t so thrilled with doing that.

J. Fowl (Mrs. Fowler’s nickname we gave her) asked me if I knew anything about photojournalism. What in the world was that, I thought. She opened up a new window on her computer and showed me a video of someone giving a talk on being a photojournalist. How he traveled the world and took photos of the good, the bad and the ugly. How it was more of storytelling than portraits, even though that is what he took a lot of. Instantly, I was hooked. I wanted to travel the world, see all the places and all the people and photograph them.

I graduated high school in the spring of 2011 and was ready to set out on my own. I was turning 19 and had the world at my finger tips. Most of my graduating class would go on to study at Indiana University. It was the party school. It’s where dreams came true. I was no different in wanting to go there. However, I got wait listed. I wasn’t the most attentive in high school and didn’t really focus on my grades as much as I did trying to have a social life. I should have seen it coming, but was shocked when I saw the letter saying “wait list.” My cousin had a condo that he rented out in Bloomington so my two best friends and I decided to go to Ivy Tech Community College and move down to B-Town.

I wasn’t super excited that I was going to a community college. I honestly thought it was below me. I got into every other college I applied to and turned them all down because I was so hooked on the thought of being in Bloomington, home of the IU Hoosiers and party central. (It makes me feel real dumb looking back on it). I will say though it was probably one of the smartest decisions I could have made though. I didn’t have to live in the dorms and I paid all my bills when I lived on my own. I ate rather healthy and held a part time job serving at Outback Steakhouse. So I saved a TON of money as well as saving money on books and tuition because I was going to have to take those classes any place I went. I was just able to do it cheaper. I can say that now, because some of my friends from my graduating class from college have almost $10,000 to $20,000 more in student loans than I do. And that is for someone who took the exact same amount of credit hours, but just transferred my sophomore year.

After about three quarters of the way through my time in Bloomington, I decided that IU really wasn’t for me. Sure I made a ton of friends (even my boyfriend that I have today) but IU didn’t even offer the program I wanted. I really only wanted to go there for the sake of saying I went to IU. I know, that was dumb. I applied to two places that I wanted to go: Corcoran School of Art and Design and Ball State University. I was torn between the two because Corcoran was out of state (Washington D.C. to be exact) and Ball State was in state but had the photojournalism program I wanted to pursue. Corcoran was an art school. It would mean I had to take all art classes. I honestly had no idea which avenue of photography I wanted to take advantage of. That spring break, we took a trip to D.C. to take a tour of the school and it would help me make a decision. After long thoughts and considerations, I realized I could not afford art school. So Ball State I went.

Since I took 98% of my prerequisites for general education classes, I was pretty much able to jump right into the photojournalism program. It was journalism with a focus on photography so I took all the classes that involved journalism from writing to audio to media law and also photography. It was an awesome experience. I stayed super involved in Greek life and other various groups and held a part-time job still with Outback Steakhouse, but in Muncie. I honestly thought I was doing all the right steps to get me a job right out of college: I was involved in multiple organizations, I was a part of student media (and even held a position), I worked a job while in school, I graduated Cum Laude and I even had an internship during my time at Ball State. Crickets is all I heard after I applied to hundreds of places. I got one interview. That was with the paper I interned at and I am pretty sure it was only because they knew who I was.

I was at a fork in the road. I felt like a failure. Did I really just go to school for no reason? Did I just spend all of that money and go into debt to be told that I wasn’t good enough? I even tacked on two courses AFTER I graduated to try to help me. One being an immersive learning class and the second an internship with another paper in Bedford, IN. Since I couldn’t find a job, it was easier to go ahead and move in with my current boyfriend in Bloomington, IN. I came back because even though the university wasn’t for me, I still really loved the town. I needed to find a job and fast because bills don’t just stop when life is rough. I went back to my old stomping grounds for weekend work while I was at my internship in the Bloomington Outback Steakhouse and quickly realized I was in deep trouble as it was their dead season (students are all gone). I transferred to the one in Greenwood until I could get a full time job.

I found a job working at the local vocational school as a daycare teacher. Nowhere near what I had went to school for, but it paid something and they wanted to hire me so I didn’t really care. I needed the money. Soon after, I missed taking photos. It was a part of my life. I did it for so long and I wasn’t going to give it up just because of the bumps in the road. I knew I could take the photos but I knew NO ONE in Bloomington. All my friends had already graduated and moved on and all I knew where my co-workers and the people I was living with.

I took the leap of faith anyway. I had the “if you build it, they will come” mentality. So in October 2015, I opened the “doors” to Kaytee Lorentzen Photography. I got my LLC and became official.

I have had so many trials and errors and successes throughout these 3 years. I am constantly growing and learning. I have been blending my interest of portraits with my love of lifestyle photographs (which is very similar to photojournalism). I have continuously asked myself if all of it was worth it. And every single time I come back to yes.

Thank you for reading along my journey. I can’t wait to keep writing it and I hope that you get a part of that story as well.