Aiming for the Perfect Shot

I am going to get a little vulnerable here today. This post is going to give you a little bit of me and I am letting you into my head. 

I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. Do I strive for perfection? Everyday. Does that seem impossible since it's not really attainable? No. Perfection should always be strived for because perfection should be defined by you and you alone. Someone may think that perfection is getting the ideal body physique while someone else can think that perfection is getting a really high IQ. This is why perfection needs to be defined by you & only you.

This was very hard for me to understand. It was even harder for me to understand that my definition of perfection is attainable, but it needs to be hard to achieve. I need to be able to work for it. With this being said, it was very hard for me to learn something - not everyone is interested in my work for their session.

What?! How absurd! I mean, I am friends with all of these people, why aren't they coming to me for their sessions?!?! I felt a little hurt or betrayed sometimes when my friends and family members would choose someone else instead of me. I mean how rude, right? How can I still be friends with these people?

How wrong am I? I had to learn this lesson and it was not exactly the words I wanted to swallow. I wanted to take their photographs, I wanted to be their photographer and be the one showing off the photos. I wanted their business, but so did many other photographers. These photographers need the business too. 

Perfection to me was getting everyone to come to me for their sessions. Now, I have come to understand that not everyone is coming to me for their sessions, but it has nothing to do with how well I can photograph. There are multiple different factors: time frame, cost, location, style, etc. It took me a while to understand this. It is all okay. 

I should still strive to get these sessions, but I should never be upset with people if they don't. I know my work will fit certain clients and it won't fit others and THAT IS OKAY! 

Thank you for allowing me to open up with you all today. Let me know your feedback below in the comments!

Kaytee Lorentzen | Owner & Photographer