Behind the scenes of my session days

There is nothing like a session day. My adrenaline is running. I am fully energized. It’s go time. I could tell you all about it, but I would much rather show you. So, take a peek into the behind the scenes life of my photography business during a session.

Check out some behind the scenes during Lauren & Bailey’s session.

One place, how I do different angles with the same pose and area

During photo sessions, I may ask you to stay in one place for a while. I have had the concern expressed to me how this makes clients believe that they won’t get a lot of photographs from their session. The main reason why I do this is for variety. I want to make sure I get the BEST possible photograph with that specific location as well as get more options.

When I go through the photographs to “weed out” some, I look for which photographs are most flattering (i.e. no blinking, hair caught in the wind, etc.). Having multiple angles and poses in one location helps with this. I want to share with you an example of what I have done with Lauren, my wonderful model and cousin with one location.

1. I started finding a location that I could move around (this yellow wall). It had no barriers, it was pretty open and it was unique.

2. I placed her right in the middle of the wall.


3. I moved around and had my camera go all sorts of directions to get some good shots. I also had her move around based off what I was seeing on the back of my camera. I also looked for what might end up being in the background based off of where I was standing.

*12222018 Lauren's Session JPEG-2.jpg

4. Here are all the photos I got based off this one yellow wall. 


5. Around this yellow wall were multiple other places I used for the session. You can see how I used each spot differently by looking through these photographs.


Don’t assume just because I am using a small amount of locations that you won’t get a lot of photographs. All of these photos I took were in one block of each other. We just went around a courthouse and found these buildings all around. So don’t get discouraged when I am only taking you a short distance during your session.

The EXACT way I plan a photography session

I take a lot of steps to plan the best photography session for you. I wanted to go ahead and explain everything I do so you can get an inside look at the work I do.


I go based of the inquiry you send me. What are you interested in? If you say the mini session I am going to decide to do something less elaborate so we can squeeze as much as we can in that small time frame. If you say, the premium session, I know we have a lot more time. We can even decide multiple locations, different outfits, etc.


Then I send you the questionnaire. Once you fill this out, I can REALLY start planning. I come up with ideas to present to you during our session. I can even use this to come up with follow up questions to try to get a better idea of what needs to be done. I look through Pinterest, find bloggers, and even come up with some locations right then and there. I will get a presentation ready for you, but it’s not a definite and can easily be changed.


Consultation time. During this consultation, I will ask any follow up questions that I need and present to you my ideas. We can come up with new ideas as well and use this time as a planning session to get everything we need for the session.


We make the final decision. We decide when, where, and what is going to happen during the session. We will decide if you or I need to bring anything extra and if there is any last things to tie up before the session.

I send you all this information and collect a bunch of answers so that way I can have something ready for you come time for the consultation. This way you aren’t waiting on me to come up with something right on the spot.

Hopefully this was informational and you can see how I plan a session before you even book with me.