Family Fun Times

February is National Family Fun Month. I know I used to LOVE having fun with my family. From going mini golfing to just watching a movie. With it still being a little chilly (or rainy/snowy), it can be harder to come up with some ideas. 

Some of my favorites include:  

1. Board Games

2. Cooking or baking (February is also National Bake Month)  

3. Arts & Crafts  

4. Movie Night  

5. Cards

With that, I decided to share a few photos of a family playing the board game "Sorry!" 

Adrienne's Family-20.jpg
Adrienne's Family-9.jpg
Adrienne's Family-29.jpg
Adrienne's Family-13.jpg
Adrienne's Family-4.jpg
Adrienne's Family-27.jpg
Adrienne's Family-5.jpg