Elliana's Newborn Session

I am going to be going back to showing sneak peeks from sessions. I don’t showcase my work on my blog very often and I think that I need to get back into doing that. So without further ado…

Elliana is the newest member of the Vaughn household as she was born on the 3rd of October. I have never done a newborn session before and I felt very honored that Nicole asked if I would do them for her. I have been photographing her and her family for a few years now.

A few things I learned about Elli during this newborn session is that she wears her emotions on her face. If she is happy, upset or mad, she will tell you and you don’t have to guess how she feels. She has already learned how to mean mug and it’s the most adorable thing I have seen. There were a few times she wanted to stand her ground and not have her photo taken, but with a little creativity, we made it work. (Thanks, Eric, for being a prop!) Now let me get to showing her off. Welcome to the world Elliana. I can’t wait to get to know you over the years.

Also, this was my VERY first newborn session (and I don’t have children of my own). So, I may not really have known how to put Elli in a swaddle correctly or how to calm a baby to get the photos I was looking for, but this was a totally awesome experience. I learned a lot just in that small time frame. So thank you Nicole for trusting me with this precious moment. I really appreciate it.

What to wear: Children's edition

I honestly think that dressing children for sessions can be the most difficult. Adults can be easier because we know what’s comfortable, we know what to do and not to do with clothes (some little ones are notorious for lifting shirts/dresses above their heads). So I am here to give you some quick tips while dressing the children for photo sessions.

  • Stick with 2-3 colors – give everyone variation based on the colors you choose

  • For something easier – pick 1 color and pick all the pieces from different shades of that color

  • To make it easier – Stick with one store and take advantage of their collections and displays – they’ve done all the mixing and matching work for you already (Tips from Ellendykstraphotography.com)

  • Avoid being too seasonal – You want these photos to be hanging up all year long – to avoid any specific extras (reindeer ears, Halloween costumes, etc).

  • Be comfortable – find something they will be comfortable in. If your daughter hates dresses and will continuously lift it over her head, don’t make her wear one.

  • Think timeless - Fashions and styles come and go. You want your family photos to be timeless, so it is best to aim for more of a classic look, not one that instantly dates you. Just as we can easily point to wedding photos from the 70’s and 80’s, noting the hairstyles, the frills, and lace, your goal is to have this year’s photographs blend right in. (Tips from Prettyextraordinary.com)