How to use your consultation to your advantage

I always love to offer a complimentary consultation for my clients. That way, I can see if we are a good fit for each other. However, some people have no idea what to talk about when they come into my consultation or what to expect. I wanted to give you some ideas on how to use your consultation to your advantage. 

1. It's almost like an interview for both parties.

I want to learn as much about you as you want to learn about me. You are looking for the best photographer for you and I am looking for the best clients to serve. I want to make sure we are "a perfect fit." The more I learn about you, the more I will know if we are. I will bring a sheet of questions for me to get to know you more as well as see what you are looking for in me. But trust me, it's a lot less intimidating as it sounds. 

2. Have some examples of what you are looking for ready.

Pinterest is the best tool you can have. I am a visual learner so if you show me what you like, I can learn your style and see if I can pull it off for you. I want to know what types of photos you are looking for as well as some ideas. It's your photos, I want you to be in charge of it.

3. Have questions ready.

Like I said in the first one, it's an interview for not just me but for you. What do you want to know about me & my work? Are you confused about my process? What do you want to know? Bring those with you.


Know how much you are willing to spend. No matter where you go, you get what you pay for. I do not want you breaking your bank for me. I want you to know exactly what you are paying for. I am very transparent when it comes to that. With that, do your research and see what other photographers in your area are charging. 

5. Answer the questions truthfully. What do you REALLY want from this session?

If you let me know more about you, I can get you what you really want. If you tell me you really like summer, but your Pinterest board just shows fall session ideas, it's going to be really hard to get you what you TRULY want. I want to help you achieve that, I just need to know the real you.

6. Bring your calendar & method of payment (if you plan on booking with me).

If you decide to book with me, I will choose the date then and there. This also includes paying the deposit to secure that date. I take cash, check, and credit cards. Bring these just in case you do decide to book with me. 

7. Don't hesitate to ask if you don't understand or if you want to know more information.

I am an open book. If you don't fully understand what is happening, please tell me. I am more than happy to explain. Sometimes I think I am being clear when you have no idea what I said. It's better to tell me now than later. 


These seven steps will help you use your consultation to your advantage and use your time wisely. If you want to know more about your consultation, feel free to leave a comment below. 

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner & Photographer
Kaytee Lorentzen Photography

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