Cute Halloween style mini session ideas

For the little ones, Halloween is a special time of the year. Why not capture these special little moments with a mini session?

1. Lifestyle session of the trick-or-treating night

You can always do this days before, but get the little ones all dressed up in their costume and just get some action shots of them going to the houses and trick or treating. Some great shot ideas would be in the wagon (I always used to ride in a wagon), showing off the candy, excitedly going from house to house, and getting the biggest grin with each piece of candy that enters their bag. 

2. Pumpkin patch/apple tree place

For those non-Halloween goers, it doesn't mean you can't get some cute fall photos in. This is a great alternative. 

3. Or bring your costume there!

These are great places for backdrops to your little trick-or-treaters. Plus it gives some great props to work with while they are in costume. 

Just some simple ideas to be able to cherish the memories down the road.