Ania & Levi go to prom!

I have known Ania for almost two years. I work with her mother at a medical office and see her come in a few times. She has such a bubbly personality and is always smiling. I have used her on a styled session before so she knew what I would deliver.

When she first approached me about doing prom photos, I immediately said yes. I knew it would be a wonderful experience and that she could take direction very well. Her mom and I decided on Oliver Winery in Bloomington as it was really pretty and easy to walk around for many photo opportunities. As the day got closer, the rain forecast was getting more accurate to showering right in the middle of our session time.

I made sure to have some open time before hand so if Ania got her hair and makeup done early, I could run over there and try to get them in before the rain. We were able to get over there 4 hours early from the original time. There was still some slight forecast of rain, so I prayed to the rain gods and requested them to wait until we were done. They must like me because the rain held off.

Ania and Levi DELIVERED! They were amazing to work with and were up to my crazy ideas, and Levi might have got an arm workout in at the same time since I requested lifts. They also knew the possibility of rain and were totally up to using a clear umbrella to add to the photos if needed. (Luckily we didn’t, but were up for it).

I am very excited to share with you the sneak peeks of Ania & Levi’s prom session. Thank you both so much for trusting me to capture this amazing moment in your lives. I hope you enjoy them!

Tips on what to wear: Couples Edition

With this blog post, I do have a guest blogger, Trendy in Indy, as well as myself to give you some of the best tips on what to wear to your couples photo session. Up first, some great words of advice from Trendy in Indy, an Indianapolis blogger who has all the latest fashion advice and has a knack for shopping local. 

Trendy In Indy 1.jpeg

Engagement photos or just couple photos in general are so much fun. My husband and I do them every year when our anniversary rolls around. Knowing what to wear for these can be a challenge, but here are a few helpful tips:

One, color coordinate

As silly as this may seem, color coordination is critical for photos. Also think about how various colors compliment both of you. Don't pick a color that one of you looks great in and the other, not so much. 

Two, pick a theme

It's always fun to pick some type of theme for photos. This past year, Collin and I did a unique spin on a forest theme. You don't normally wear a button up shirt or heels in the woods, but we had a blast with it. 

Three, think about location

Speaking of theme, location goes along with this. Think about where you want your shoot to take place and considering dressing to compliment the background.

Four, don't overdo the patterns

If one of you wants to wear plaid, the other should probably wear a solid. 

Five, check the weather

If it's going to be hot, think about that when selecting your wardrobe. You don't want sweaty photos after all.

No matter what you choose to wear, these photos will always be a memory for you. Here's to your next couples session!





All Photos are provided by:
DeKam Studios

Thank you so much for your insight, Trendy in Indy! 

I do have some tips for you and your significant other as well. 


One, communicate with your partner. 

Make sure you are both on the same page. Topics that should be discussed is style, coordination, and practicality to name a few. 

Two, coordinate but don't match.

There is a difference. Matching means you are both wearing the same thing. Coordinating means you have a similar style and may have a similar color scheme. 

If one of you is dressed up, the other should not be wearing their chill on the weekend outfit. You both need to look like you are attending the same session. If you both want to be informal, that is fine. If you both want to be dressed up, that is fine. Just do it together. 

When it comes to color - If someone has mainly one color on, the other can have that color (or in the same color family) in a smaller part. Examples: Mainly red patterned dress and a similar red colored tie. Blue outwear vest and blue sweater. 

Three, consider your location. 

If you plan on going to the beach, I don't consider wearing your nicest outfit or those really nice heels. Think about where you are going for the photos. Are you going for a soft natural/rustic feel? Then sticking to soft neutral colors may be a great option. Are you going to be shooting in a city or urban area? Then brighter colors or a more “dressed up” approach may work with the setting better. It doesn’t hurt to look at sessions from similar locations and see what other people wore. It’s a great way to see what you like.

Four, be comfortable & practical.

The last thing you want is not to be enjoying your time because something doesn't fit right. Wear this outfit a couple time before a session to see how it feels. If it's not comfortable, do not wear it. 

Also, if you plan on being picked up a lot in this session, or walking around a lot, wear something that is practical for those activities. You can wear a dress if you want to have a lift, just don't wear something short enough that it may reveal a little something you won't want in your photos.