Elliana's Newborn Session

I am going to be going back to showing sneak peeks from sessions. I don’t showcase my work on my blog very often and I think that I need to get back into doing that. So without further ado…

Elliana is the newest member of the Vaughn household as she was born on the 3rd of October. I have never done a newborn session before and I felt very honored that Nicole asked if I would do them for her. I have been photographing her and her family for a few years now.

A few things I learned about Elli during this newborn session is that she wears her emotions on her face. If she is happy, upset or mad, she will tell you and you don’t have to guess how she feels. She has already learned how to mean mug and it’s the most adorable thing I have seen. There were a few times she wanted to stand her ground and not have her photo taken, but with a little creativity, we made it work. (Thanks, Eric, for being a prop!) Now let me get to showing her off. Welcome to the world Elliana. I can’t wait to get to know you over the years.

Also, this was my VERY first newborn session (and I don’t have children of my own). So, I may not really have known how to put Elli in a swaddle correctly or how to calm a baby to get the photos I was looking for, but this was a totally awesome experience. I learned a lot just in that small time frame. So thank you Nicole for trusting me with this precious moment. I really appreciate it.

Session ideas with a focus on family fun

There are so many ways to have family photos. I wanted to make a quick list for you on some great ideas for a focus on family fun during your session.

1. Bowling
2. Game night
3. Camp out/camp in
4. Baking
5. DIY Pizza night, Taco bar
6. Actually, any cooking
7.  Volunteer
8. Reading
9. Watching a sports game – on tv, in person, local sports
10. Jigsaw puzzles
11. Blanket Forts
12. Turn cardboard boxes into ANYTHING
13. Coloring
14. Playing together outside
15. Picnics

Tips of what to wear: Family Edition

Family photos can get a little complicated when it comes to clothing choices. Trendy in Indy and I are here to help make them a little less complicated for you! 

As a photographer, this is one of the most questions I get asked. It can really be intimidating and sometimes confusing when you are planning for more than two people. Here are some of my favorite tips all in one place. 


1. Look into your home decor. 

These photos are going to be most likely hanging in your house. Picking out colors that go with your home will help. Make sure that your clothes will blend in with your home decor. 

2. Coordinate, don't match. 

By selecting a color scheme and using hues that complement each other, you can achieve a more natural look across the board. Pick two main colors and then add softer tones to accent and complete your color scheme.

3. Wear something comfortable. 

Family sessions can have a lot of movement (especially with little ones). Wear something that you can move in easily. 

4. Lay out each family members outfits together so you can see how they look next to each other. 

This can give you a good idea of what they look like together. This can help you also see if there is something that is not quite right. 

5. Last, but not least, make sure the outfits are timeless. 

If all else fails, when you look in your closet to find the perfect family portrait outfits think about staying classic. You’ll want your photos to be timeless. Styles come and go but, your photos are forever.

Family Fun Times

February is National Family Fun Month. I know I used to LOVE having fun with my family. From going mini golfing to just watching a movie. With it still being a little chilly (or rainy/snowy), it can be harder to come up with some ideas. 

Some of my favorites include:  

1. Board Games

2. Cooking or baking (February is also National Bake Month)  

3. Arts & Crafts  

4. Movie Night  

5. Cards

With that, I decided to share a few photos of a family playing the board game "Sorry!" 

Adrienne's Family-20.jpg
Adrienne's Family-9.jpg
Adrienne's Family-29.jpg
Adrienne's Family-13.jpg
Adrienne's Family-4.jpg
Adrienne's Family-27.jpg
Adrienne's Family-5.jpg

New Year, New Photos Mini Session

This year I have decided to partner with some local charities around Bloomington in order to give back to the community. I have always wanted to do more, but was not sure how to do so. I am going to be offering 5 days of scheduled mini sessions this year which will have all the session fees ($100 each session) donated to the paired charity.

What does that mean for you? All you have to do is schedule a 30 minute session in an open timed slot for the day of the mini session. You would pay the $100 and that will be donated to the organization that is paired. The photos will then be available for purchase. Each scheduled mini session day will have a specific location.

This month's theme is New Year, New Photos! I am pairing with Stone Belt for this session! Start the new year off right by updating your photos. This is open to families, couples, and for individual portraits. This will be held in a photo studio. Since this studio is not mine, but I am borrowing it for the day, the address will be only given to people who book a session.

Stone Belt is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and supports for individuals with disabilities. Stone Belt was established in 1958 and is now the oldest and largest agency of its kind in south central Indiana, currently employing over 500 individuals and serving over 2,000 clients. They offer a full range of programs and services in Monroe county, empowering people to demonstrate self-determination, contribute to the building of community, and experience quality of life. Their services are accredited by CARF (formerly the Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), and they are an affiliate of The Arc and United Way of Monroe County.

They provide residential, employment, manufacturing, life skills training, family support, child development and psychological services to help people actively participate in the community. Services are provided with a person-centered, customized approach that focuses on a person's capabilities and interests. Their beliefs are self-determination is essential; learning creates empowerment; all people have contributions to make; housing/home life must be self-directed; employment is a fundamental part of adult life; and social life and relationships help create quality of life. Stone Belt has earned a very positive reputation for assisting individuals with developmental disabilities, especially those with challenging behaviors, to be meaningfully included in community life.

They believe in the uniqueness, worth and right to self-determination of every individual. Therefore, it is their mission, in partnership with the community, to prepare, empower and support persons with developmental disabilities and their families to participate fully in the life of the community. Most of their services are paid for with third party reimbursement from Medicaid and other state and federal government sources. But, while vital, state and federal funding only provides for the health and safety of recipients. They rely on community partners to maintain a margin of excellence which allows us to provide appropriate training to staff and more enriching programs to their clients.

In order to book a session, you just click this link to fill out a form! You will then receive a follow up email from me confirming your time with the exact location of the session.

Message me with any questions or if you would like to know more!