Session ideas with a focus on family fun

There are so many ways to have family photos. I wanted to make a quick list for you on some great ideas for a focus on family fun during your session.

1. Bowling
2. Game night
3. Camp out/camp in
4. Baking
5. DIY Pizza night, Taco bar
6. Actually, any cooking
7.  Volunteer
8. Reading
9. Watching a sports game – on tv, in person, local sports
10. Jigsaw puzzles
11. Blanket Forts
12. Turn cardboard boxes into ANYTHING
13. Coloring
14. Playing together outside
15. Picnics

Family Fun Times

February is National Family Fun Month. I know I used to LOVE having fun with my family. From going mini golfing to just watching a movie. With it still being a little chilly (or rainy/snowy), it can be harder to come up with some ideas. 

Some of my favorites include:  

1. Board Games

2. Cooking or baking (February is also National Bake Month)  

3. Arts & Crafts  

4. Movie Night  

5. Cards

With that, I decided to share a few photos of a family playing the board game "Sorry!" 

Adrienne's Family-20.jpg
Adrienne's Family-9.jpg
Adrienne's Family-29.jpg
Adrienne's Family-13.jpg
Adrienne's Family-4.jpg
Adrienne's Family-27.jpg
Adrienne's Family-5.jpg