What do I do when I am not shooting?

You could honestly take this question two different ways. However, I am going to tell you the things I do when I am not doing photography in general as opposed to what all goes into the photography experience than just the shooting part. (We will save that for later).

So what do I know when I am not behind the camera? I wear many different hats. I work at a child care facility, as well as at a pediatrics office, and own another business. It seems crazy, but I am able to do it. 

Now, when I have free time - is that possible, you ask? - I love to cook. It's probably my favorite part of the day. I live with my boyfriend and it is the one of the times we actually get to hang out. We both love to try new foods, new recipes and new techniques of cooking. He has more experience since he did study culinary arts for some time in college. So he knows more than me, the amateur. 

I am always watching the Food Network and the Cooking Chanel when I have some free time. This is where I learn about different ingredients, new ways to cook and use those ingredients, and just different foods I have never heard of before. I like to think I can mimic what I see, which sometimes it works out and others it doesn't. I would have never understood how to make crepes though if it wasn't for those shows. 

I also love to try new foods, even when I am not the one making it. If I have never tried something before - like, ever - and I see it on a menu, I am almost immediately deciding to order it. I had never tried goat cheese until my most recent birthday - July 29. I saw an appetizer on the menu at No Coast Reserve in Bloomington, Indiana for beets. They had three different types of beets prepared three different ways and one of them had goat cheese on it. The server suggested we try it with each bite, and oh my - it was delicious. I don't know why I never tried it before.  

Another thing I really enjoy to do and will make time for almost every week is going to the Farmer's Market. (See a trend with food?). I love to pick out my food from the Farmer's Market. The one we have in Bloomington is amazing. There are at least four rows of vendors. Then, there is another section of the market for you to purchase coffee, baked goods, and anything of that nature. I try to at least have a general idea of what I need to purchase when I go there just so I know what I absolutely need that week, but I love to see the new items that are out for sale and purchase anything else that looks amazing. 

You would think this next paragraph has to do with food, right? Nope. Well sort of. One other thing I love to do - when I actually have time to, which is rarely - is travel. I love to explore new and even old places. I love to see the world around me and what was put here on this planet for us to see. My next BIG adventure is set for June 2018 when I go see the home of my ancestors - Denmark. I am really excited for this trip as I get to explore this land and try the food. (See, food made it in there). 

Some other things I like to do is go boating, paddle boarding, read, and watch Game of Thrones. 

I don't have a lot of free time, but when I do, you can probably count on me having something to do with food. 

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography

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