Things I love about my dad

Do you ever have a time where you just look at your dad and realize that he is just really awesome? I know I do all the time. Sure I may be a little biased, but I really do believe that I got very lucky with mine. He has taught me so many things and really raised me to be a strong person. So in celebration of father’s day, I wanted to tell you all the things I love about my dad.

1: He taught me to “never need a man”.

He taught me how to build, he taught me how to take care of myself, how to fix problems. I still like to rely on him sometimes, but he never has to worry about me.

From the time I could really hold up a screwdriver without causing harm, I was building something. He showed me how to put things together, how to make something from scratch and how to do a really big project. There are some really lovely pictures of me helping build our back porch. I have a pick in my hand as I am violently swinging at the ground to dig up the dirt. My faces would have given you a good laugh.

2: He survived three daughters.

I technically qualify as his “son” since I was the one he taught all the boy things you teach your sons, but my sisters and I gave him run for his money. We were not the easiest of children to say the least, but he had good practice being the youngest boy of six kids, four being girls.

Sometimes I still wonder how he made it through all of us growing up, because I am sure we could have done a lot of damage to him. I know we mentally exhausted him all the time and created a lot of problems. But he did it. He survived.

3: He loves food just as much as me.

We can always bounce recipes off one another and he even taught me to not be afraid of the grill. He was actually the one to tell me to always try the food before I say I don’t like it. He was the one who introduced me to the world of amazing food. He really loves when I come home so he can show what he has made recently.

4: His dad jokes are on point.

Sure they are totally embarrassing, but he has stepped his game up in the last few years. And I am pretty sure some of them have rubbed off on me.

5: He always puts his kids first, but he isn’t afraid to give us a good dose of reality.


This one always hurt growing up because he would end up being “the bad cop” of the two parents, but now looking back, we really needed his kick in the ass. His mentality was “you got yourself into this mess, you now have to get yourself out of it.” I would moan and complain when I was growing up, but it was probably the best thing he ever did for my sisters and I.

6: He is always there for business advice.

He worked as a small business loan officer for 15 years and has been the CFO of a small business for 4 years so anytime I need assistance or advice with what to do with my business he is there to give it to me. It’s very helpful when I feel like I am failing and he can just look at me and say “this is a very common thing for small business owners. Keep your head up.”

My dad taught me A LOT growing up and I am so thankful that he is my dad. So Happy Father’s Day Dad! You deserve everything in the world and am happy I get to be your daughter.

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