Fun Summer Session Ideas

Now that summer is here, I wanted to share some of my favorite summer session ideas with you all. This list you can use for yourself, with your significant other, or with your family.

1. Lake fun! - On the boat, at the beach, camping - All of these can be lifestyle sessions
2. At the park/playground - this one works really well with almost everyone. It brings back a lot of childhood memories and the swing set is a timeless memory.
3. Planting - Yes, planting can actually be a really fun lifestyle session.
4. Grilling/Picnic
5. Washing the car
6. Sidewalk chalk
7. Hiking/Walking on the trails

If you can think of anything else, let me know in the comments below!

Planning a graduation party - everything you need

Graduation is right around the corner for our seniors (high school and college) and that means lots of graduation parties. I wanted to take a break from tips on your sessions and move to something you can find in your everyday lives. I am here to help you plan a graduation party, whether it is your own or someone else’s.

I have put together a timeline with some tips along the way to help you along the way.


  1. Plan a date
  2. Plan a venue (can you do it out of your home or do you need a bigger space?)
  3. Get some photos done for invites
  4. Invite guests (send out invites)
  5. Plan food
  6. Plan decorations and or games
  7. Put it all together


  • Have a lot of friends graduating at one time and don’t want conflicting party dates? Plan one together!
  • Send out invites at least a month before! Get some cool photos done before so you can add a graduation photo for each person as well.
  • One cool idea is to use is get a slideshow with photos of the graduate growing up. My parents did this for me and I SOBBED. I absolutely loved it because it was special and it felt like a celebration.
  • Have some fun games out like corn hole, ladder ball toss, or even volleyball. This is a great use for a big yard and it helps the flow of people inside.
  • If planning to go to another or a new school, you can decorate in those schools colors or keep it with the colors they just graduated from.
  • To keep it less stressful for you, I always suggest catering. A good go to is BBQ food because it appeals to the most amounts of people.

Fun ideas to get out of the house in the spring

I have decided to compile a list of ideas to get you out of the house for springtime. Winter is officially gone and it is time to get outside. Here are some fun ideas you can use to have some fun (and even possibly use for a fun lifestyle session).

1. Blow bubbles
2. Plant flowers
3. Fly a kite
4. Feed ducks at the pond/lake
5. Draw with chalk on sidewalk
6. Skip stones on water
7. Backyard hotdog roast
8. Go on a hike
9. Picnic
10. Play on the playground
11. Wash the car
12. Ride bikes
13. Play in puddles
14. Climb a tree
15. Mini golf
16. Canoeing
17. Neighborhood cleanup
18. Bug Catching
19. Horseback riding
20. Play a sport


Family Fun Times

February is National Family Fun Month. I know I used to LOVE having fun with my family. From going mini golfing to just watching a movie. With it still being a little chilly (or rainy/snowy), it can be harder to come up with some ideas. 

Some of my favorites include:  

1. Board Games

2. Cooking or baking (February is also National Bake Month)  

3. Arts & Crafts  

4. Movie Night  

5. Cards

With that, I decided to share a few photos of a family playing the board game "Sorry!" 

Adrienne's Family-20.jpg
Adrienne's Family-9.jpg
Adrienne's Family-29.jpg
Adrienne's Family-13.jpg
Adrienne's Family-4.jpg
Adrienne's Family-27.jpg
Adrienne's Family-5.jpg

Baileigh's Sneak Peek

This was my first time doing a session with someone on the east side of the state and I am so glad we decided to do the session at Mill Race Park and Apple Works. Baileigh is a senior at Edinburgh High School and is a dancer and a cheerleader. She was so fun to work with and I am so happy I was able to take these photos for her! Check out some of my favorite photos from the session.