A day in the life of my dog - through photos

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE my dog, Kora. She is my fur child and my one and only baby. She is so spontaneous, loving and intelligent dog and I know she is just a dog, but I thought maybe you would enjoy seeing a day in her life. So I present to you Kora’s day of fun!

○     Cuddle with Mom and tell her it’s time to go outside.

Kora Day in Life JPEG-33.jpg

○     Get treats because I am awesome

Kora Day in Life JPEG-49.jpg

○     Give Mom or Dad a toy because I want to play. It varies from day to day, but today I think we are going to choose the rope.

Kora Day in Life JPEG-47.jpg

○     I think I will nibble on some of my food and drink up some water. Playing gave me a little appetite.

Kora Day in Life JPEG-40.jpg

○     It’s time for my monthly heart worm and flea and tick prevention medications. However, Mom doesn’t know that I really think these are treats.

Kora Day in Life JPEG-77.jpg

○     Mom is here today, so I am going to explore the basement while she works out.

Kora Day in Life JPEG-14.jpg

○     When Mom & Dad aren’t here, I typically nap the whole day. It takes me a while to fall asleep for my nap when they are here because I don’t want to miss anything important.

Kora Day in Life JPEG-23.jpg

○     I follow Mom everywhere. I mean it.  Everywhere. To the kitchen, to the bathroom, to our room, outside, even to her car. She does try to keep me out of the bathroom when she is taking a shower, but I will be RIGHT outside the door waiting for her when she is done.

○     Mom tries to take me on a walk as much as possible, but if we can’t go anywhere to walk, we just take laps in the driveway.

○     My favorite is fetch. Mom uses the ball launcher that makes it go really far and I like that so I can run REALLY fast.

○     So I got really dirty outside, so Mom says I need a bath. I am really not a fan of these. Especially when they have to use the evil hair dryer on me. Just because I have a lot of hair doesn’t mean I need that. So I am going to protest and just lay here until they decide that I don’t need one.

Kora Day in Life JPEG-36.jpg

○     Another nap time.

Kora Day in Life JPEG-31.jpg

○     It’s dinner time! However, I typically just graze the food throughout the evening.

Kora Day in Life JPEG-60.jpg

○     When Mom and Dad get home from work, I like to play constantly. I want their attention. I want them to scratch me all over. I am told I am very vocal about this.

Kora Day in Life JPEG-46.jpg

○     It’s time to settle down for bed. I am not picky about where I sleep. I like the couches downstairs, my bed in Mom and Dad’s room, their bed or the floor. As long as I make it right up next to Mom by the next morning, I am fine.

○     SOME OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: Daycare, park, rope toys, “baby”, fetch, riding in the car with Mom, getting treats from ANY drive through window.

If you can’t tell, my dog has a really exciting life. She is very intelligent and loves to learn new things. She is also very loyal and loves to protect me. If you want to follow along more about my dog, follow me on my personal Instagram (and business one as well).

Do you have some furry friends that you think are your babies too? Let me know about them! Drop a photo of them.

Jenise & Scott Roane's Fall Session

Can I just say that when I was editing these photos I got a lot of strange looks at the coffee shop because I was smiling ear to ear! This was such a fun session and I am so glad I was able to do this for Jenise & Scott. Some of my favorite sessions are when fur children are incorporated. This one was no different.

Jenise is my boss at a local orthopedic office and I was ecstatic when she asked me to do her photos. I immediately started coming up with ideas for couples and dogs because I know how much she is obsessed with hers. Kevin and Frank are her bundles of joy and you can totally tell why. They have the most infectious smiles and I am pretty sure if we weren’t taking a bunch of photos, I would be cuddling them. Kevin is Jenise and Scott’s Golden Retriever and Frank is their Pit Bull.

I hope you smile through these as much as I did. Enjoy!

Jenise Roane JPEG-17.jpg
Jenise Roane JPEG-78.jpg
Jenise Roane JPEG-50.jpg
Jenise Roane JPEG-21.jpg
Jenise Roane JPEG-67.jpg
Jenise Roane JPEG-35.jpg
Jenise Roane JPEG-31.jpg
Jenise Roane JPEG-42.jpg
Jenise Roane JPEG-58.jpg

Want to incorporate your furry family members in your photos? Here are tips on how to

Our little furry family members are our whole world. (Well, to me they are). I often get asked about incorporating them into the family photos and if I am able to do that. If they are in your family, they deserve to get photographed as well.

My little fur child, Kora, has always been the subject for me in my photographs, so I have been able to practice a lot with her. I have learned little tricks how to get her to look at me and how I want her to "pose."

Now I understand not every dog (or cat) can do these things so I came up with a little list of things you can do to help out on the day of your session.

1. Bring a treat bag - this can be with some favorite treats, toys, things that make noise, etc. I can use this during the session to get their attention and help them behave.
2. Practice with them - Teach them sit, stay, get them to love wanting a treat. This honestly helps get their attention and to keep them staying still for photos.
3. Let me know if there is anything I should be aware of (my animal hates hats, they get scared with loud noises, they get aggressive with strangers, my dog will get distracted by anything that moves, etc.) so I can prepare for this session as well. If your animal hates people with hats, I won't wear one. If your cat hates strangers, I can try to meet before hand so they aren't afraid of me with the camera.

If you go with these tips, this will help tremendously the day of the session.