Planning a graduation party - everything you need

Graduation is right around the corner for our seniors (high school and college) and that means lots of graduation parties. I wanted to take a break from tips on your sessions and move to something you can find in your everyday lives. I am here to help you plan a graduation party, whether it is your own or someone else’s.

I have put together a timeline with some tips along the way to help you along the way.


  1. Plan a date
  2. Plan a venue (can you do it out of your home or do you need a bigger space?)
  3. Get some photos done for invites
  4. Invite guests (send out invites)
  5. Plan food
  6. Plan decorations and or games
  7. Put it all together


  • Have a lot of friends graduating at one time and don’t want conflicting party dates? Plan one together!
  • Send out invites at least a month before! Get some cool photos done before so you can add a graduation photo for each person as well.
  • One cool idea is to use is get a slideshow with photos of the graduate growing up. My parents did this for me and I SOBBED. I absolutely loved it because it was special and it felt like a celebration.
  • Have some fun games out like corn hole, ladder ball toss, or even volleyball. This is a great use for a big yard and it helps the flow of people inside.
  • If planning to go to another or a new school, you can decorate in those schools colors or keep it with the colors they just graduated from.
  • To keep it less stressful for you, I always suggest catering. A good go to is BBQ food because it appeals to the most amounts of people.