Things I love about my mom

Can I just say how important Mom’s are? There is nothing more demanding than being a mom. So many times in my life when I just look at my mom and feel so bad for all the crap I drug her through. I was by no means and easy child. I really have no idea how she didn’t pull her hair out or send me away.

So with Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to take the time to brag on my mom a little bit and give you some of the things about my mom (this list is a shortened version, otherwise you would be reading for an eternity).

1: She gives the world’s best back scratches.

Fight me on this one. If you have never had a back scratch from my mom, you are MISSING OUT! I can tell you that even when I am 60 years old and she is (well I won’t say) but I will still ask her for the back scratches.

2: She is always there to talk to. Whether that be a quick chit chat to someone who can listen to me vent for hours.


Aren’t all moms? But this is something I have always needed. I know growing up, I never thought I would have a close relationship with her because I never saw her in that light. Now, we talk weekly if not twice a week. She is the person who is always on my side and will always tell me “it will be okay” even when it probably won’t be.

3: She will always find a way to put her kids first.

Without giving specific examples, she will constantly put us first over her own needs or wants. She will make sure we are taken care of before her. She will even give up her own things for us. And for that, I am forever thankful.

4: She taught me that no one’s home will be as clean as hers.

My mom is probably the cleanest of “clean freaks” there is. She is very specific on how things are and what the definition of “clean“ is. We would have to close our doors growing up because she couldn’t stand the sight of them not being up to her standards.

5: She makes THE BEST party food.

Growing up, she would have all of the hostess parties you could think of and she would make THE GREATEST food for them. This is no bias, this is the truth. My dad would always take us out for dinner during these parties and then we would come back and devour anything she had left over. It was THAT good.

6: She’s my mom.

It’s my mom. She will always have a big portion of my heart. She is the person who raised me to who I am today and taught me so many things to prepare me for adulthood. She did a pretty good job at that.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I hope your day is amazing and filled with love!

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