Be safe on the water yet have fun photos

It’s almost time to break out the swimsuit, the water tubes, and get ready for the lake! I absolutely love the lake and it’s honestly one of my favorite parts of summer. I even love to get some photographs on the lake. With it being National Water Safety Month I wanted to give some tips on how to be safe and yet have some awesome photos.

  1. Wear a life vest – It may not be super attractive, but it adds to the theme and really doesn’t take away from your photos. Especially wear these if you plan on water skiing, tubing, or are not planted on a boat.
  2. Drink water – Not only does this keep you hydrated, but choosing this beverage over an alcoholic one will keep your body warmer in the water and help you make better decisions and not make it harder to swim.
  3. Read the labels on any flotation device – Make sure you fully understand how this works and if it seems safe in all water conditions.
  4. Watch for boater’s fatigue - the wind, noise, heat, and vibration of the boat all combine to wear you down when you're on the water.

The tips will help you stay safe, but you can still get great photographs using all of these tips.