The top 5 misconceptions about photographers

I belong to many Facebook groups that are for photographers and I see a lot of stories come from them. A lot of them include stories of what their clients ask them and how to respond, their frustrations, praises and so forth. I noticed a lot of these just happen to be from misconceptions clients have of photographers. I am here today to let you in on some insight with the top 5 misconceptions people have about photographers.

1. Photoshop is a miracle worker.

This one can be tough. Do photographers use an editing software (aka “Photoshop”) to enhance/fix/etc.? Yes. Does it “fix” everything? NO!! Unless I tell the client, I can fix that in editing, I really don’t try to fix anything. I will make sure the lighting, coloring and composition is correct, and that there aren’t people in the background photo bombing, but other than that, I try not to use it. So when a photographer presents something to you and you comment that you wanted it photoshopped, just know that Photoshop doesn’t fix everything.

2. Photographers are expensive

I can see where you would think this. You are only seeing a very small portion of the session, where I take the photos. You are also paying for me to go through and edit each and every photo as well as creating any products for you, plan your session and taking time to do so, and prepping them for you to see. For one 30 minute session, that could include HOURS on the back end. You are paying for the time that I spend on it. You are also paying for the photos themself. The session is for the service and the photos are a product that is sold separately.

3. You can only get good photos if their camera is top notch.

Hate to break it to you, but it’s not the camera that makes the photo. It’s the photographer and what they do with what they have. I can tell you that because I see people all the time use so many different cameras with different lenses and maybe even going to film and they still are amazing. You need to look at everyone’s work to really see the differences. Sure, there are lenses and cameras that may make something look sharper, and have the camera shutter click faster, but it’s the photographer that really makes the photo.

4. I own the right to the photos once the photographer gives them to me.

Not exactly. When you are buying the digital products you are purchasing a License for Personal Use. The photographer still owns the copyright. There is a BIG difference. Clients can use them for personal use ONLY! It means that there can not be alteration (cropping, filtering, editing) to the photograph that was given and cannot be used to be sold. It also still gives the right for photographers to use the photos as they please (i.e. social media, marketing, portfolio, printing). Make sure you know what is happening when you sign a contract.

5. I am just another dollar sign to my photographer; they don’t ACTUALLY care about me.

This I can say from experience is TOTALLY false. I try to keep in touch with all of my clients. I love to show off photos of them, not just because it’s my work, but because I want to show THEM off. I want them to know that I really enjoyed spending time with them. I still remember people’s birthdays and give a shout out on social media when I can. I love to make them smile, by sending them a holiday gift from their session photos. I even add them to my personal holiday card list because I want to be a part of their lives and let them into mine.

5 misconceptions debunked. I would love to hear your feedback and hear what you learned about these misconceptions. Is there any more you want to hear about? Comment below what you believe about photographers and I will do an update on the blog later on!