What is up with personalized apps?

You might have heard some hype about personalized apps. Some questions might arise like "what are they?" "Do I need one?" "How do they work?" to name a few. I am wanting to put your mind to ease and put it all out there for you. 

What is a personalized app? 

It's an app that you can download to your phone that will have pictures of your session on them. The app itself will be a picture from your session. 

Cool, but what's the point?

The point to having one is because it will make sharing your photos SO much easier. For one, it doesn't take up any data or use wifi. You just click the app and your photos are there. You can scroll through them, make some your favorites, share the photos individually or as the app itself. This is a great, easy way to just hand over your phone to your friends and family when they want to see your photos from your session. 

Wow, that's awesome. Do I really need one from my session? 

You don't NEED one, but you will definitely want it. Like I said, it doesn't take any data or wifi. So unlike your photo gallery, this will come up anywhere and won't use a thing. It makes it super convenient to pull them up whenever someone asks about it. 

This sounds perfect! How do I get one?

After your session, you just order one with your product order. Each app is $20 and will come with your session photos (with watermark in the corner) and a photo as the app itself. 

Your Go-to for your digital photos

If you are looking through my products I offer, one is the personalized app. It is something I offer to clients in lieu of digital photographs. It is so much easier than using social media to share your photos and you use no Wi-Fi or data from your smart phone. It also doesn't take up any space in your storage. I offer them to my clients for $30 a la carte, as a part of the collection packages, or in the Premium Deal session package. Here is a short clip describing the app! 

If you would like to see a sample to download, click the banner at the top of this screen to get the link to download.

To grab your own, book a session with me today by sending me an inquiry here.

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography

New Guides - what are they, how to use them

Something new that I am implementing is client guides. I have made these for my clients to not only give them more information, but to have them all in one place. I have made a three different guides for these clients to use including the "Client Guide," the "Collection Guide," and the "Personalized App Guide." The client guide has the last two guides included in them, but the second two are separated out so if someone doesn't want to go through the whole guide they do not have to.

The client guide includes a welcome letter and information about me, the collection guide (aka what it costs), a timeline of a session, VIP information, and email subscription info, the personalized app guide, FAQ, places to add your consultation info as well as session info, a copy of the session agreement, and contact information.

You can check out this guide by clicking the link below.

Client Guide

The other two guides, "Personalized App Guide" and "Collection Guide," are straight from the "Client Guide." To get to both of those, click the corresponding links below.

Collection Guide

Personalized App Guide

You can request paper copies as well or print them out at home. To get to the page where all of these live you can either click this link or go to the Sessions & Products page in the navigation bar and click the link to access the guides.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about these guides, click here to send me an inquiry.

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography

Time to Carry Around Your Session Photos, Digitally

You already carry your photographs on your phone around with you all day. Why shouldn't you with your photographs from your session? 

Yes, there are ways such as Facebook albums, but those end up distorting your photographs (pixelating them and making them more grainy) and can use your data. 

What if I told you there was a way to not distort your images as well as not use data, AND carry them around in your pocket? Would you be interested?

Kaytee Lorentzen Photography offers this service for you. I can offer a personalized app just for you to have in your hand. It works both on iPhones and Android, I just have an iPhone pictured below because that is what I own. 

Alexis Archer is one of my senior models who enjoys her personalized app!

Alexis Archer is one of my senior models who enjoys her personalized app!

Each app is catered to your session, and includes your top 20 from your session. These apps are downloaded through an email I send once they are completed and you can add them to your home screen. The great news, they don't use data. 

You can add as many apps as you would like to your home screen. If you have multiple sessions, you get multiple apps. If you have more than 20 photos you absolutely love, you can get a second one. 

I keep all of my client's personalized apps on my phone so I can show them off to everyone! You're not the only ones that love your photos.

I keep all of my client's personalized apps on my phone so I can show them off to everyone! You're not the only ones that love your photos.

Falling in love with them already? Are you wanting one? Great! This month only (Jan. 2017) I am offering them at a discount. With each session you buy, you get a discount on a personalized app. They are originally $50 each. However, this month only I am offering them at $20.17 (you know, just in the New Year spirit). 

You must use the session this year, and it must be used towards the session you buy this month. No previous sessions will count and you MUST tell me about this deal in order to receive it. 

Contact me today by clicking THIS LINK! Make sure to mention this post or this deal to get the great discount on this item you will be glad you purchased. 

You can also read my previous post by clicking here that gives a lot of information on the app itself. 

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner & Photographer
Kaytee Lorentzen Photography


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