Great "Last Minute" gift ideas and where to get them

Don’t you hate when you haven’t been able to get any good gifts for someone and it’s only a few days left before the holidays? Me too. In order to point you in the right direction, I wanted to give you a list of good ideas and where you can find some. Enjoy!

From session:

  • Photo Mugs

  • Photo Keychains



  • Cookies

  • Bubble Bath paint (bubble bath + corn starch + food coloring)

  • S’more kit

  • Movie night box (DVDs, popcorn, soda, movie candy)


  • Gift card hidden in jar of favorite candy

  • Anything from Bath & Body Works

  • Subscription boxes (check below for my favorites)

Subscription Boxes:

I added a BUNCH below but you can also check out: Subscription Box Gift Ideas

I hope this can help get you started on some great ideas that you can easily get last minute but are also thoughtful and fun.

What is a photo gift and how can you get one?

Photo gifts are my absolute favorite. It's one of my favorite things to get to order for my clients. There is anything from bracelets and key chains to mouse pads and calendars. Even blankets and pillows I can get. It's something about those which can be very special.

Now how can you get one? It's quite simple actually. Just let me know you want to place a gift order from me with your session photos. If you need help deciding what you want, let me know what the gift is for and I can help you find the perfect fit.

I have included some photos for you to look through to see what all you can get as a gift!