When is it time to refresh your photographs?

During this holiday season, when walking throughout my house and my family members houses, I noticed that a lot of the photos throughout the houses were outdated. Not that it is a bad thing what so ever because it shows the history. However, if you are having people over who have never seen your family, they may question how your baby is doing and you may get confused because your "baby" is now a teenager.

That example may be a little dramatic, but you may be asking yourself if it is time to update yours. When is the right time to refresh the photos that you have?

I tend to go for the answer, at least once a year if you have kids. As an adult, at least every time you change your style or every 2 years (especially for professional headshots) - you don't want someone meeting you and not thinking you are who you say you are based off of your photos.

Personally, I love to have new photos each year. It is nice for people to see exactly who they are working with and so I try to get them updated at least once per year. Plus, I love my photographer. I love seeing her and I love how well she does. Any photo of me on my website is her work.

Refreshing your photographs is fun and can give you memories to look back on.