Week of Chocolate - A photo collage

These past two years I have been asked to take photographs for the Week of Chocolate. This is a fundraising week (or two) for Life Designs here in Bloomington. Life Designs provides services and supports people with disabilities by supporting them with community living, education, employment, support services, and housing. They are a comprehensive resource for people with disabilities and their families in south central Indiana. They offer services for every stage of life. They aim to facilitate active citizenship, fulfilling relationships, and rewarding employment through inclusive communities that foster dignity and respect.

The Week of Chocolate has many events throughout the month of February to raise money for this program. There is a gallery viewing, a fashion show, a pampering event as well as their main event, Art of Chocolate. Last year, I was on a mission to help my community and Life Designs took a chance on me and let me photograph their events. I must have done a good job because they asked me back again this year. I volunteer my services to help give back to this company. I even help by setting up a photo booth during the Art of Chocolate and each photo booth session cost gets donated to Life Designs.

I wanted to share some highlights from these past few weeks. Thank you again Life Designs for all that you do!