Favorite things about being a photographer

There are a lot of things I like about being a photographer. However, I wanted to highlight a few that really make the job something special. Those moments that make you remember why you started doing it in the first place. These are my favorite things about being a photographer.

1: The expressions on the faces of my clients when they get their photos

This is probably my absolute favorite because it really shows you how much they appreciate it. They see their loved ones in print and know that they can cherish this forever. It always shows me how much they love my work.

2: Being the reason my clients can have these memories to hold on to.

Just knowing that I am the one responsible for the photographs hanging in someone’s house or on the coffee table is one of the best reasons for being a photographer. It brightens my day when I see clients showing me their walls filled with my photographs.

3: Creativity

Every time I get to take photographs I get to express my creativity. It’s one of the many things that I love about this job. I get to show something that most jobs don’t get to do. Honestly, creativity is what drives me and that is what makes this job so special to me.

Being a photographer has so many perks and special moments, but these are just a few of my favorites.

The do's and do not's of posting your session photos on social media

This is a topic that I feel needs to be addressed. Not so much as it’s something I see people doing wrong, but more of people have no idea. It’s not something that typically is brought up until someone gets upset that someone did do something wrong. So I am here to help you understand which is a “do” and which is a “don’t” when it comes to social media and posting your session photos to them.


  • Give your photographer a shoutout. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing you post your photos from your session all over social media! That means the WORLD to a photographer. So give them a little shoutout while you’re at it. Just tag them in the caption or even tag them in the photo. It also helps other people see who did these amazing photographs that you love so much.

  • Share them!!!! Don’t keep them to yourself! Share them everywhere. It tells us you like them. You love the photos. So what if there is a watermark on there? Post it.

  • Tell us how you feel about it when you post your photos. But let’s try to keep it positive.

  • Share them when writing reviews. This helps us so much!


  • Crop or edit the photos. We put our heart and soul into making those photographs perfect for you, please don’t slap a filter on it or crop it. It’s really disheartening to the photographer and it says that you don’t like what they did for you.

  • Forget to tell anyone who did your photos. If people ask, let them know. I’ve seen where people won’t respond to comments of people asking who did them. It tells us that you don’t want other people to use us.

  • Do anything your contract with you and your photographer says not to do. Most photographers will have you sign a contract when doing photography services. In those contracts, there can be something about social media. If you break that contract by doing something specifically listed in there, you could be liable. That is a legal binding document and will stand up in court. I hope it would never go to that extreme, but just be courteous and read that part of your contract before posting anywhere.

Feel free to let me know if there is anything I didn’t address that you would like clarified. I will update this list for you as well. Comment below some things you want to know!!

The photographer behind photos of me

Have you ever wondered who takes the amazing photographs of me that you see over my website? Well, I hire someone who I have known since college and I have always been inspired and motivated by her work. She is someone I look up to and am always wanting to be like. 

Her name is Lauren Dahlhauser and she owns Lauren Dahlhauser Photography. She always has amazing photographs and loves to travel. She has been with Rustic Pathways previously for two summers straight where she got to travel to Morocco and Australia to take photographs. She is truly someone I inspire to be one day. 

I wanted to share some photographs she has taken of me that may or may not have come through this website or on my social media before. I hope you enjoy them! Thank you so much, Lauren, for your wonderful talent.

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography

Oliver's Session Preview

This was my first ever session for a one-year old that included a smash cake session. I honestly couldn't stop smiling because Oliver's is so contagious. He was a little hesitant of the cupcake at first, but once he figured out it was delicious he was ecstatic to eat it. I can't wait to share with you some of these photos. Enjoy!

Paige's Indy Session

Sometimes you just want a feel good photo session just because. That was just this for my lovely sister, Paige. I have always loved having sessions with my sister, but I really loved the photographs I was able to capture at Monument Circle. Check out her photos below!