What's the big deal with product collections?

I get some questions about what product collections are and why I always push for a product collection instead of just coming up with a bunch of individual items by themselves. I promise, there is a reason behind it. I want to explain more about what they are and why it's better for you to go with a product collection.

A product collection is a combination of popular items (and sizes) put together to get a great deal on the products. I have gone ahead and given a discount to these items if you get them bundled. You can find the four options I have on my pricing pages.

Why do I want you to buy these collections? For your benefit. Not only are they popular items, but they also go well together in your home. Plus, you don't have to sit down and think "Now what will look good in this room? What size should I choose? Which product is really better?" I have done all the heavy lifting in that department. I made them specifically to help alleviate any stress that you will have thinking about it.

I wanted to show you a few of the products that can come in these collections. 

New Guides - what are they, how to use them

Something new that I am implementing is client guides. I have made these for my clients to not only give them more information, but to have them all in one place. I have made a three different guides for these clients to use including the "Client Guide," the "Collection Guide," and the "Personalized App Guide." The client guide has the last two guides included in them, but the second two are separated out so if someone doesn't want to go through the whole guide they do not have to.

The client guide includes a welcome letter and information about me, the collection guide (aka what it costs), a timeline of a session, VIP information, and email subscription info, the personalized app guide, FAQ, places to add your consultation info as well as session info, a copy of the session agreement, and contact information.

You can check out this guide by clicking the link below.

Client Guide

The other two guides, "Personalized App Guide" and "Collection Guide," are straight from the "Client Guide." To get to both of those, click the corresponding links below.

Collection Guide

Personalized App Guide

You can request paper copies as well or print them out at home. To get to the page where all of these live you can either click this link or go to the Sessions & Products page in the navigation bar and click the link to access the guides.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about these guides, click here to send me an inquiry.

Kaytee Lorentzen
Owner | Kaytee Lorentzen Photography

Why get a product collection?

With the growing addiction to being on social media and going digital, it is hard to think about getting actual, hard copy anything, let alone photographs. Books, music, courses, photos, movies, even your finances can all be done online and is "digitized." It is getting to a point where you can see children (like 2-year-olds) do a better job at working an iPhone than adults. That's crazy! 

As much as I love social media and what it has done connecting people and growing my business, I love an actual, real print photograph. I am not sure if you all know, but during high school (which mind you was in the early 2010's) we used old school print photography that was made with enlargers and in a dark room. That made me fall in love with photography even more.

We have access to these wonderful printers and digital photographs are able to be blown up and sized down so quickly it makes a printer's job so easy compared to your dark room days. So better photographs, better quality prints, faster service, and just overall better service, but yet no one really buys photographs anymore. Matter of fact, the number of one-hour print shops decreased by 94% from 1988 to 2013 (Peta Pixel).

However, a few photo lab owners, including Ryan Millman, CEO of Nations Photo Lab, believes the industry isn't dying, just shifting. 

More photos are being taken than ever before, but there’s a downward shift in outward categories like print. They are taking photos and archiving them, but not necessarily producing the physical product they used to.
— Ryan Millman

Millman tells Digital Trends Innovation from a product standpoint will also be critical. While individual print sales have declined, wall art and larger print products are growing in popularity. Every photograph is no longer being printed, but favorite photos are being printed larger and on a variety of wall decor products.

Granted, taking the money to buy wall art and decor for your photographs are not always the cheapest, there are ways to get the best bang for your buck. 

Many photographers offer collections or packages that help you get the best deal possible. These collections will have multiple print items as well as different types of items (i.e. framed prints, canvas, print wraps, metal prints, etc.). A lot of the time, these collections have some sort of discount since you bought more than one item and didn't buy them all "a la carte."

Buying a product collection will help fill your home (or office, etc.) with your memories. It will bring them to life and you can reflect on them everytime you walk into your house and you can share them with everyone who sees this space as well. 

Do you have questions about product collections? Comment them below and I will answer them!