2018 Year in Review

Happy Holidays everyone. It is time for me to reflect on this past year and see all that I have accomplished. I am just going to highlight a few of my favorites for you.

  • Week of Chocolate

This was my first ever weeks long events that I had collaborated with for a non-profit organization. It was extremely rewarding and I was more than happy to get to photograph these events for the Week of Chocolate and Life Designs. I also got to be really good friends with one of the interns which is a total bonus!

  • National Ice Cream Month

The Chocolate Moose was so kind and allowed us to collaborate with them for National Ice Cream Month. I got to photograph throughout their new location and help promote my favorite month!

  • PALS Gala

PALS is another wonderful non-profit organization that I was able to collaborate with this year for their annual gala. I was able to photograph this event for them.

  • Europe Trip

This wasn’t anything for business but I did take a lot of photos on this trip. It was breathtaking and inspiring. I left wanting to return as soon as possible and explore even more. I will always remember this trip.

  • Sister’s Reveal

So my little sister became pregnant this year and I was thrilled to hear this news. It means I can take so many photos! I have the reveal, the baby shower, maternity photos, more maternity photos, newborn session, and even more to come every year. Let’s just say my nephew will be spoiled with photographs.

  • Launched KLP Rep Program

This year I had a lot of plans and this was one of them. I really wanted to help my clients and give them a chance to earn rewards. I launched this program to not only do that, but to get my name out there. Word of mouth is the main way I get clients. So rewarding those clients who bring me more business is a no-brainer.

  • My First Ever Newborn Session

I never in a million years thought I would photograph a newborn. I have been so terrified because they are fragile. Not having kids of my own doesn’t help my fear of breaking them at all. But, I gathered some courage and did it anyways.

I am so excited for 2019 and I cannot wait to get to work! I have so many things planned for this upcoming year and I can’t wait to share it with you. Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!